Wot fury matchmaking

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Jump to content. You'd probably be better off getting the M The Fury does not have preferential match making and while it has a higher traverse speed than the normal E8, it is more sluggish with a lower top end. Comparatively, the M10 does have preferential match making and is relatively nimble, but by no means a speed demon. The Wot fury matchmaking is its saving grace. Check out: WoTB terms, phrases defined v.

Check out: iMovie iOS video production tutorial. Check out: WoTB beginner's guide, tactic s. Where do I get the m10 just asking and is it a premium tank Aswell, meaning it gets premium benefits like fury. This could lead to frustration on your part and that of your teammates. There isn't much worse than watching a premium tank being played by a player who's regular tanks are many tiers lower than the premium tank, they usually get taken out easily.

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Your battle count seems like it might be a little low, what tier are you at now? You might consider a lower tier premium instead or in addition. And what ever you do, please don't sell a premium because you don't like. Give it some time to grow on you. For advice and review of Premium Tanks, please see this post.

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Brad Pitt and I do not take kindly Wot fury matchmaking such talk Otherwise, you're right DrWylde, on 18 November - AM, said:. I'm not saying that I don't like my Fury, but if I were shackled to a post and left out to dry until I picked between the Fury and the M10, I'd pick the M Aventre3, on 18 November - AM, said:. German: Jadgtiger 8. Did you grind your Easy 8 before the matchmaking change for tier VI? All tier VI's get identical matchmaking so the fury is exactly the same. The order tanks are shown in has nothing to do with matching outside of top tier to bottom tier.

The rest is just alphabetical so F is before M. As for the Fury in general, it's a nice tank with typical meaning bad tier VI matchmaking. If you're going to buy it, do so because you want a collector's edition tank or because you like the movie.

Community Forum Software by IP. Is it worth getting? When does it go off sale? I think I read all xp is converted into free xp, is this true?

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And is the Wot fury matchmaking always premium, getting the benefits of premium when in use? Yes, it is worth getting No, tank XP is not automatically converted into Free Experience. Forgive me Brad, for I have sinned. Love it. The Lowe is harder to do well in compared to other premiums. Though the Panther m10 is my preference over the Lowe lots of people were doing a real bad job driving it.

Sounds like the fury, ram II, Sui, or t might suit you skill level. Of those I'd recommend the fury and you might not be able to get it later. I love the sherman tanks and will never sell it but i hardly play it anymore after so much bad matchmaking. Ive had matches where i was top tier and the E8 on my team was slotted 3 slots lower. The opposite team had 2 E8s slotted equal and below my teams E8. I'm a gen 1 gamer, been crushing bad guys since the s. That said, it's one of the older Premiums and new and better ones have been released.

You might want to consider that one. It has good shot effectiveness.

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It does not however enjoy preferred matchmaking like some others. I routinely find myself against tier x tanks.

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Keep the Fury population high, I love free damage! Let's face reality I make it look good Lord knows I need all the help I can get.

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Wot fury matchmaking

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