World of tanks scout matchmaking 9.1

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Jump to content. Percentage of vote: Percentage of vote: 8. FireAnt, on 11 April - AM, said:. I totally agree with you that something has to be done to the camo values of scout tanks. There are medium tanks and TDs which can do the job better than light tanks at the moment. I play my Hellcat as a forward passive scout and the 8 light tanks in my garage can't even get close to the spotting damage i do with it. Yeah, hellcat is an epic scout, just look at my sig. Got my self almost 10k spotting dmg in that game, and 4 kills, 3 tier 8s with 3k damage done myself.

RafvonThorn, on 11 April - PM, said:.

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I still don't see anything in that spoiler. And T21 is very capable too, as a scout and flanker ofc. Some have guns that pwn tanks on same tier, e. Instakills Hetzers etc. ELC has pen and good alpha with epic gun. To fix this, it is likely these tanks will be nerfed. Acceleration is about the same with both tanks.

It has 20m less view range, puny gun, hp less, and camo rating as good as leopard on the move. Leopard is far better on stationary camo. Putting both to same battle means AFK panther is worse in everything, no surprise.

I kind of like to play with AFK panther, it feels like panther on steroids. In addition I like the fact that you can get huge spotting damage with a tier 7 tank in those high tier games. The idea of having an "expendable" when vehicle weight values are compared scout tank in high tier games is good. However, the choke point map de does not really support weak tanks that have worse stats in everything.

My vote goes to making them unique also gameplay wise, not only by MM. For example, make the sixth sense skill available only for scout tanks that is too powerfull skill anyway. When every tanker and his mother has this skill it decreases the effectiveness stationary scouting and would increase the survivability of scout tanks and make active World of tanks scout matchmaking 9.1 better as the scout has access to information that other players do not get.

Admittedly I had a good game, but a tank that can perform like that is OP in the context of a tier 7 game, and it's weaker than it's non premium counterpart! Baldrickk, on 11 April - PM, said:. Scouts get 1 shotted and cant pen tanks from front.

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To get xp you have to do damage. I rarely get in top 1 in scouts unless it is wz or amx line. Baldrickk, on 11 April - AM, said:. View ranges are fine being higher on tier Xs, just that scouts had their camo nerfed and need it restored. However when they drop into tier 7 and 8 games they are matching against medium tanks which are probably working on their second skill. Even if the tier 4 lights had their camo buffed they'd be fighting uphill against Comets, Ts, Ts, etc.

When most players roll in a tier 4 light they're probably running without equipment, if they're lucky they have binocs which don't help when getting into position. Whereas they'll be matching against tier 7 and 8 mediums with optics fitted.

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For those reasons, unless the camo buffs were amazingly and unjustifiably large, tier 4 lights would still be losing vision control battles to higher tier medium tanks. Not only can they not outspot them, they generally can't even use speed to get to an early advantageous position. The next problem is the power gradient. Tier 6 to 8 is the steepest part of the power curve in WoT. Tier 4 lights are already at serious risk in tier 6 games, with more capable mediums and dangerous heavies. By tier 8 they're utterly outclassed.

Furthermore, when the current scout matchmaking system was deed there was only one light tank series above tier 5, so without dragging the tier 4 lights up tiers there wouldn't be anyone to do the job. Now, however, there are two light branches that reach tier 8, five reach tier 7. So there simply isn't the World of tanks scout matchmaking 9.1 for tier 4 tanks in tier 8 games any more.

What would you rather be driving in a tier 8 game, an M5A1 or a WZ? I know what my answer would be. When the US tree is reorganised the Chafee should be the tier 6, the T21 dropped to tier 5 and rebalanced appropriately, that's a better research path than having them the other way around. GloatingSwine, on 11 April - PM, said:. The point is the scouts shouldn't be engaging in combat, at least not until they can isolate an enemy heavy or TD and outmaneuver him. As for speed, luchs, T, A, M5s are plenty quick enough. The slower scouts like 38nA have better camo.

Passive scouts only need to get to forward positions, then sit in a bush with binoculars and camouflage net, and if they picked a good spot and team is halfway decent, they spot so the team can kill them without being discovered. Active scouts take the opposite approach, it's less about not being spotted, but they use terrain features to their advantage.

You can't be hit if you're behind a ridge-line, but you can stick the top of your turret over for a fraction of a second to spot all on the other side. And to answer your further question, of course the wz is better in a tier 8 game assuming equal players. In this case the wz is a light attack tank, and the M5 is the scout.

In that situation the roles are totally different.

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Of course. The IS-3 is the better tank. Just because the KV gets into the same battle as the IS doesn't mean it is inherently broken or that there is a problem with the MM. Crusader is a light not a scout. And shouldn't get scout MM. This is an example of the real problem: There isn't a clear distinction in the game. I think tanks should be matched appropriately to the way they are most commonly going to be used. Which can easily be predicted from their position in the tech trees. That should be ed for in deciding matchmaking rules. Tier 4 scouts are outdone at scouting by tier 7 and 8 mediums, let alone lights.

They have incredibly limited battlefield value in tier 7 and World of tanks scout matchmaking 9.1 games. Way less than higher tier scouts do even when at the bottom of their MM range. There's not as much difference as you think between "scout" and "light attack tank" when played well. The job of a scout isn't just to look at stuff, it's to look at stuff, harrass stuff, and clean up isolated stuff. Tier 4 light tanks just aren't good enough at doing that in high tier games because they don't have the view range, camo, World of tanks scout matchmaking 9.1, or survivability.

Yes scout tanks should have a different icon. Light tanks should be classed as medium tanks for mm purposes. So i can use valentine in Junior TC's. As it is, the relatively large T62a has pretty much the same camo value as the smaller Chaffee on the move, and better camo when stationary. While I think the camo level on the Ta is fine, the Chaffee is just spotted far to easilly. The same problem affects all scouts, though to differing degrees.

That's the high tier problem. While nerfing the MM will make it more accessable to more players, I don't think that it is the right choice, far better to teach the players what to do to play properly, and apply fixes to tanks as needed on an individual basis. Secondly, your first crew skill on Chaffee apart from sixth sense, is camo, but on TA, and all the meds for that matter, should be repairs, cause it is quite a bad decision to use up your repair kit on your tracks at the beginning of batlle.

In scout tank it doesn't really matter, because your pop gun is useful only when enemy are focused on someone else, and you come in as a support. Good example would be: 1 on 1 TA can devastate, lets say, an E driver, on his own, with no help, without loosing any hitpoints. Cause that is why tier 10 meds have those guns. But in a Chaffe or an AMX, you need to be firing in the back of the tank and pray that you don't even touch him, because you will loose a lot of HP.

The thing you are right about is that meds have much much better guns. So, then, I ask you, why would you not use the firepower and DPM of meds for something else like, I don't know, shoot at the enemy instead of scouting?

Imo, scout do just fine if they have couple of competent meds beside in a battle, to provide fire support. If you imply that scouts should have armor, well I do think that is dumb, cause they wouldn't be light tanks Community Forum Software by IP. Scout nerf less chance for spotting [scouting] in 9. Poll: How to fix scouts? What to do? Nerf MM, less chance to spot for high damage, and probably nerfs to the tanks 38 votes [ Are you a scout player?

Yes, I play them a lot 70 votes [ Show poll. FireAnt, on 11 April - AM, said: I totally agree with you that something has to be done to the camo values of scout tanks. What about Chaffee? I dont want to lose it as T back in the day!

How is it a scout nerf it is a scout buff. This issue is a double edged sword. Someone else arty took out the M I was hunting down. I then took out a THeavy. Scout tanks are okay in some regards but the biggest problem they face i feel is the different maps, some just aren't suited for scouting,not really sure how to go about fixing that.

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What they could do with though is not going against things with both better camo and better view range, but with he mm being reduced this could be less of a problem. Baldrickk, on 11 April - AM, said: Tier 4 sees max tier 8, tier 5 sees max tier 9. You cannot see tier X until tier 6 scouts. Tier 4 lights should be dropped to normal matchmaking, some may need to be nerfed, but so be it. Tier 5 lights should match Tier 6 lights should match Tier 7 lights should match Tier 8 lights already match When the US tree is reorganised the Chafee should be the tier 6, the T21 dropped to tier 5 and rebalanced appropriately, that's a better research path than having them the other way around.

Baldrickk, on 11 April - PM, said: You expect a stock tank to outperform a higher tier tank?

World of tanks scout matchmaking 9.1

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