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Visit Apply Afford. Pay Deposit. Current Issue Back Issues. From the Editor. From Our Readers. From Center Hall. Speaking of Sports.

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Come on—this edition is absolutely embarrassing. Please make it the last like this, and thanks. I loved the Winter WM. I think it was the best in recent memory.

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The cover was a great spoof, and, I know from hearing from my friends, the entire issue has generated a lot of buzz. From the cover to the Garrison Keillor interview to the articles, illustrations, and photos of Wally Wabash, this issue was a gem. And as the wife of a man in his middle years or beyond, I truly appreciate the tone and information contained in the magazine. I am sure that the article regarding how more sex contributes to a longer and happier life is informative and worthy of the magazine and the College.

Still, I can understand how you could see that bright red headline as being over the top. With the College striving to educate mind, body, and spirit, and with the recent loss of friends and colleagues to health issues that might have been prevented or treated, I thought it was time to address subjects men tend not to talk about or, too often, depend on their mothers or wives to worry about. We received enthusiastic and thoughtful responses from doctors and other health professionals ing us in this effort as we shaped the content of this issue.

It was a light-hearted approach to draw attention to some serious questions. It was one of the things that endeared this place to me. I was diagnosed with prostate cancer at age 54 in October after having monitored my PSA [prostate-specific antigen] levels for approximately five years. As a result of an ever-increasing PSA and two biopsies, cancer was diagnosed.

In all cases, Woman wants sex Wingate Indiana DRE [digital rectal exam] was performed and no abnormalities were discovered. I had the cancerous prostate removed in December Post-surgery pathology showed the prostate contained only one- percent cancer. Were it not for the PSA test, I would still have a cancerous prostate, and who knows where that would have led.

The PSA test is simple. The DRE is annoying but may well save your life as well. I ask all Wabash men to see their physician and have this test annually. It may be a waste of your time, or it may just save your life, as it did mine. is the natural end of the marital act; in fact, a supernatural gift received out of love between spouses. The very nature of marriage is a self-giving love between husband and wife.

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Even if not acted upon, the idea itself damages the relationship. Any contraception turns the marital act from a pure gift into, at best, a partial gift and at worst, a taking.

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This is the confusion of contraception in our culture—one cannot limit the gift and still fulfill his proper role as husband and father. Congratulations on another great issue! It was fun just to walk down the street with him because so many people stopped to greet him.

He seemed to know everybody! What a night! I had a nifty experience last night as my wife, Nancy, and I were leaving a restaurant here in our southern Mexico city of San Cristobal de Las Casas, Chiapas. Two other couples, both Latin, were leaving at the same time and we were a bit surprised that they were conversing in English; so we asked where they had learned to speak our native language so well. The first to respond was a gentleman from Guatemala City who was in town with his wife visiting Mexican friends who live in San Cristobal.

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My father wanted to get me out of Guatemala City, and somehow he was acquainted with a Wabash professor named Ben Rogge. He called Professor Rogge to see if there was any chance of my enrolling at Wabash. The rest is history: The burly football players at the Phi Delt house took me in and I had a great four years and graduated in Antonio has long since recovered from his injuries and is now in the coffee business in Guatemala City. In the WM Winter Class Notes we published a photograph from the first college production of the Tony Award-winning Mister Roberts —staged by our own Scarlet Masque in —asking readers to identify the student actors in the photo.

I was En Pulver, the skinny guy with the binoculars. Between us was Irene Mitchell, wife of psychology professor Fran Mitchell. She, along with Ginny Hays, both beauties, quickened the pulses of us students and made our cast party at the Hays home much more memorable. It was exciting for me. I had no idea what the story was when I auditioned for the play, and was surprised and thrilled to be cast as En Pulver. This afternoon I stopped everything to devour this latest edition of WM.

You can imagine my delight when reaching the Class Notes and seeing the picture of some of the cast of the Scarlet Masque production, Mister Roberts. As an aside, my interest in performing on stage has continued Woman wants sex Wingate Indiana the present day, as I have appeared in numerous productions with community theatre groups in San Francisco, Chicago, and Hartford. Actually, I met my gorgeous wife, Lois, when we appeared together in the production of LUV 38 years ago.

Thanks for the rush of wonderful memories of my days at Wabash, which this picture brought back to me. How surprising to look in WM and find my picture. I do have the playbill and could you a copy if you would like it. Printer-friendly version this article. A big thank you from Wabash wives. PSA: Yes or No? As we so often say, Wabash guys are everywhere! A few excerpts: I was En Pulver, the skinny guy with the binoculars.

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