Where to find prostitutes in nashville

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I'm working on increasing my local knowledge. Driving for Uber, I dropped a couple off at Airways Hotel on Lebanon Pike Fesslerswhich rents in 3-hour blocks and has porn-on-demand. I didn't get into their business, but I was curious what other establishments people know of that rent by the hour. Apple Annie's? Any up on Dickerson?

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Now that Dickerson is a bit calmer than it used to be, where you gonna go to put your dick in her, son? These exist? I thought those were only in movies. Now I'm kinda curious. I have been to airways hotel once whe. My wife and I needed immediate sexy time however, we pulled in then promptly pulled out and just decided to go home.

It is exactly what you would expect. I always imagine the bed bugs there are next-level.

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Have their own cities and a constitution. I used to play in a back room poker game in the top floor "penthouse" of this place.

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Was super sketchy now that I think about it. I always liked to imagine that the Congress Inn on Dickerson Rd. Airways is for the johns classy enough to spring for a bed insteasd of a romp in the cemetery. It seems like a good place for some private time with a special someone but most places are completely covered by surveillance. Source: I used to work security around there and we would take bets on how long any given john would last.

I'm not interested in hiring a prostitute, but the total shady underbelly of our town fascinates me. Good question, this sub is really fucking negative sometimes.

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Something about Dean? Fuck Mayor Dean. Article about East Nashville? Fuck East Nashville. Someone looking to move here? Fucking stay in your own city. Someone bringing an original topic that may spark some interesting conversation. Fuck conversation. I don't know what can be done about it, honestly. Not sure on this but sometimes I get bored and look at crime reports. There's a ton of prostitution busts along dickerson pike and trinity and south on like Bell and M'boro rd.

So anywhere around there is probably a good bet. Posted by Wears a mask in public. Sort by: best. Continue this thread. Not sure if sex or driving. You said pull out.

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Where do you want it? Not your hair, right? Stadium Inn. I'm dying to know if they have vibrating beds. And perhaps a safari room? They don't. By the way, why am I getting downvoted on this topic?

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Where to find prostitutes in nashville

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High crime locationdrugs and - Days Inn by Wyndham Downtown-Nashville West Trinity Lane