What is worcester like

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Whats it like to live there, any places to avoid. Where to ride or do i just sell the mtb and become a roadie. Nice place to live IMHO. A lot better place than many What is worcester like live to go mountain biking the usual places have already been covered — depending on where in Worcester you live, Malverns can be as little as 15 minutes drive away or even rideable to. Also not too long a drive to get to various places in Wales.

South of St Johns is an OK place to live we used to live in Lower Wick, which is a decent place to live and not too expensive. Of course you could always choose to live outside the city — we live in a little village between Worcester and Malvern, or Malvern itself is a possibility. Places not to live? Malverns are compact but have some good tech riding if you know where to look.

As people have said there is quite a bit of riding on your door step malvern wyre forest etc and the links to the m5 are pretty good for getting to cannock. I would echo what someone said up there about avoiding dines green. I would also avoid the rainbow hill area too! There used to be a few bike shops in worcester many moons ago but now down to just the one by the cathedral! Not true — Peddlers is also still there. Oh, and Star Cycles which used to be a city centre shop is also still open, just moved.

Also two decent shops in Malvern. EDIT : I know peddlers now, just looked it up on web. Star cycles is was? It depends on where the job is. The city centre and crossing the river in the city is a right pain at rush hour, even worse is the link bridge from Malvern Road to St Peters and M5.

This brings back memories. I used to work at Singletrack Bikes many moons ago. We had Grip magazine down the road and lo of bmx pros about the place. Met some great people there. Quite enjoyed living there too. Torch nightclub did well out of me! I used to live in claines, very peacful and quiet, shared house with a mate only way he could afford to keep it, was a good few years back but was good fun. Nights out ok as well! Must have a look in Green Cycles sometime, but I hardly spend any money on bike stuff any more.

Nope, long gone. I reckon it must be 2 years since they shut up shop. That unit has been part of Howdens since. Unfortunate, as it was on my way home from the station and useful for gear cables and bearings etc. Once they moved from the city centre their stock dwindled to a few very poor kids bikes, a load of old tut and a workshop without enthusiasm. Pop in and say hi mate! Will echo this. Sorry to disappoint! There are some half decent pubs, but no decent clubs or venues to speak of.

Plenty of places, if you move here, pop in the shop and see me. Not much, if anything, direct from your door, but lots of decent riding within 30 minutes, and a huge amount within an hour by car. But it is very definitely a good road riding area. Things have really calmed down again now, but it can still be busy on certain nights, with drunken semi-naked ladies and students Monday nights during x-factor season are stupidly busy as the evictees usually do a PA at Tramps the What is worcester like Monday — I recall getting stuck in a traffic jam at 11pm on a Monday night due to the crowds!

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We do get some pleasant things going on at the Swan, Huntingdon Hall etc and occasionally the live music scene gets going in a local hostelry. We relocated from Tynemouth to Malvern eight or nine years ago. Looked at Worcester but found area selection too tricky!

No regrets at all with Malvern. Great riding out of the back door. Good pubs. Good schools. Good theatre. Worcester is lovely, as far as cities go. I lived there for 7 yrs pre riding habit and never really appreciated how nice. Until I had to move away to Brum and Manchester, then it hit home what I had left behind. In terms of riding, there is a fair bit in the What is worcester like area.

There is also the Wyre and Bredon Hill close to Worcester. No doubt there must be other flat but fun stuff hidden in and around the city. As said above, you are well placed for easy reach of Wales South Wales, Rhayader etc and not too far from the Pearce tracks around Ludlow. Head south and you have Cheltenham, Stinchcombe and Nibley all within the hour. Joking apart, Woo has changed quite a bit over the last few years, the new library the Uni sports facilities and even the new kings boat house have added a new buz to a old city architecture.

Agree the clubs are not up to much, but there are some great pubs and bars if you look further than the high street. The only thing that would put me off living The Malvern side is the terrible traffic problems you get trying to get over the new bridge to the motorway.

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The sooner they make the bypass dual the better, then you might just see the prices for properties explode in price Malvern way. I bet you live within a couple of streets from where I grew up. If not THE street. Parents sold up 2 years ago and moved to Bulgaria. My brother lives at the top end of Ombersley Road. My Dad grew up in Clanies. Yep thats right up my street! Nah seriously Im to old for all that clubbing malarky and as someone up there has said there are some decent pubs if you look hard enough!!

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Worcester is a pretty good place to live. Easy access to m-ways etc as already mentioned. Where to live could depend on where the job is?? Interesting What is worcester like see a couple of mentions of what I thought was the inificant little village I live in and which most people surely only see as a few houses by the side of the main road as they pass through. Or have you all been paying more attention as you sit in the queue through here at the moment?

I really like Powick. Got a few mates who live there and have considered it when we move although the drawbacks are longer drive to work in Ledbury and not being able to ride out the door and be on the hills in 10 mins. I moved to Worcester from Stourbridge a couple of months ago for the girlfriends job. I still work in Stourbridge and ride to work everyday, 26miles each way. Leaving Worcester in June, enough said. If your happy to drive for your riding kicks, then no worries. Dates back to the institute which was based there for the mentally ill, now a housing development. At just over twentyfive or so years it is in comparison to the bridge over the river in Worcester itself.

As for Worcester itself, not too bad a place to live. Johns side of town. If you can, highly suggest living within walking or cycling distance of your workplace for sure. This topic has 44 replies, 23 voices, and was last updated 8 years ago by rogerthecat. Viewing 40 posts - 1 through 40 of 45 total. Nipper99 Free Member.

Posted 8 years ago. Malverns and Wyre Forest close by. FOD, Cotswolds and Cannock near-ish. Good train links to Birmingham, M5 close by so trips to Quantocks, Cwmcarn etc quite achievable. Some nice road riding around as well. Pigface Free Member. Lived in Barbourne a long time ago, nice part of the town. As Blob says, pretty easy to get into Brum on the train for any big city shenanigans. Surrounded by countryside, plenty of pubs in picturesque spots. Give the Warndon area a miss. Ive got a house in Droitwich which is just outside Worcester.

What is worcester like

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