What is the best sks rifle to buy

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The SKS possesses a fascinating history as one of the most official, non-official, surplus guns in the American market. The Norinco is easy to shoot, reliable, and not that terrible looking. It just goes to show that the SKS is near child-proof. While my preference of the SKS aesthetics is purely subjective, there are some who love to make it look like pure plastic trash.

The SKS is a Russian de with original experimental production dating back to The early versions of this rifle — called the Type 56 due to having been imported starting in — are a bit confusing. With in-house production, China adopted the Type 56 with some minor changes from their Soviet counterparts, namely a stamped trigger guard instead of a milled one. China sold the Type 56 rifles to many nations across the world, some of which ended up being used against American troops in Vietnam and Korea.

All things considered, China started producing SKS rifles to alarming quantities in several factories and continues to this day. You thought the variations of the AK was complicated? China has produced many types of SKS rifles and too much to go over in this one article. However, the most common would by the Type 56 in all its glorious forms.

All these variations are nearly identical in terms of receiver and use, but have some modifications in barrel length, stock or type of bayonet used. Another noteworthy Chinese variation is the Sheetmetal Type I set this one aside as it is quite different in receiver construction compared to the other Type 56 rifles. Other than the receiver construction, they appear to be identical in nearly every other way to the standard Type The reason this SKS stands out compared to many of the others is in the barrel construction, gas system and grenade launcher. If you want to legally possess a grenade launcher, this is one of the few ways to do so.

The SKS — in all its forms — retains some inherent, potential benefits that not many other rifles in this price-point can match. SKS Rifles. With the price of firearms on the rise and production costs cut wherever possible, having a milled receiver is rare.

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Since most SKSs are milled they will provide much better durability over a lengthy period of time with less flex and damage than stamped alternatives. Piston Driven gas systems are proven to be incredibly durable. Many would argue that they are more accurate than Direct Impingement DI gas systems. Short or long stroke gas systems also keep the actual receiver much cleaner, since the gas is not cycled directly into the receiver or carrier.

The SKS is arguably a great looking rifle in its original form and allows for prone use rather easily. Often overlooked, is the ability to carry more ammunition with less weight. Since the rifle is loaded via stripper clipsit reduces the overall magazine weight making the carry weight almost a wash compared to modern alternatives. Okay, there are quite a few potential downsides. Being an older rifle, many have not been stored properly and might be in poor condition.

Something important to note is that many were brought back from battlefields in Vietnam and Korea which had observed extensive use before and during the wars. The weight is another ificant downside of the rifle, compared to an AR alternative. It is possible to lighten the weight by replacing the stock and removing the bayonet. Break out those muscles, boys… girls? Having an exposed bolt is also a major drawback. While it is comparable to the M14 or M1 Garand, it still means the rifle is more likely to get gummed up from foreign objects.

Do not stick your dick in it. Likewise, the magazine is fixed to the stock in most variations and loaded with stripper clips.

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This makes reloading quickly a potential issue, prevents the use of an optic and still allows the gumming up of the magazine itself. Manufactured and Imported by Norinco, my Type 56 is a great rifle. Many were covered in Cosmoline and left just as it was shipped. Only, as many found out, the SKS was far from disposable and it kept running. The owner of my SKS had put on a Tapco polymer stock and bipod.

When I took a look through the barrel it looked practically new and there was still the smell some of cosmoline. To my excitement, after the first few rounds the receiver bluing began to wear away from the bolt friction.

I believe the rifle had been ly unfired. The standard Type 56 is a completely milled firearm, excluding the trigger guard. Featuring a inch barrel and chrome-lined for a long lifespan. Other than a few exceptions, the Type 56 features an integral 10 round magazine fed by stripper clips utilizing 7.

This rifle considers Barnaul and TulAmmo steel cased, bimetal bullets as a gourmet meal. Brown Bear gr 7. I called up the owner and asked him to meet me at my workshop. I have to tell you; this man was amazing and drove nearly an hour to sell me his rifle. We talked, shared some stories, and then traded money and steel. I had to completely disassemble this rifle because it was covered in cosmoline in every nook and cranny. Heating up the stock also allowed me to melt some which had been absorbed by the stock, but also to smooth over a cosmoline finish.

Many argue that the Yugo SKS is worse quality because the barrel is not chrome lined. While I would agree that many are eroded away due to corrosive surplus ammunition, the lack of chrome lining will make the rifling more accurate.

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Since the grenade launcher requires use of a blank, the gas system can be turned off and the rifle will function as a bolt action, meaning the bolt must be manipulated manually after each shot to eject the spent case and load a new round into the chamber. One other distinct feature is the standard addition of a bladed bayonet.

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In order to have a bladed bayonet attached, the stock had more of a bulge near the front of the rifle. This prevents a used from poking their hand with the bayonet while using the rifle. The stock used is also often left unfinished. Raw and pointy, just the way I like it. The major drawback of the Yugoslavian variation of SKS is the weight. The additional 2-inches of barrel does not add much weight, but the grenade launcher, sight, gas system modifications, and larger bayonet make a much more front heavy rifle and bigger triceps.

Out on the range the Norinco loaded up super easily. The integral magazine does require some finesse but a quick adjustment sliding into the magazine became a breeze. On a bag rest and out to 50 yards I was able to hit about a 2-inch group just to get the feel for the rifle. Extending out to yards I was grouping in at about 2.

The Yugo needed a bit of fine tuning to get exactly how I wanted. However, I could just be a weakling. On the rest, I was able to get a grouping with standard gas at 1. Moving out to yards, I was able to hit 2MOA.

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The SKS has a notoriously high reputation for reliability. When I first received my Yugo, I shot it while all gummed up in cosmoline and there were a few rough cycles and then it ran like a top, all while having a gas tube filled with wax.

That said, the SKS is also notorious for slamfire issues: the firing pin stuck while protruding from the bolt causing it to hit a primer as the bolt moves forward causing the case to fire. The exposed bolt system also will allow for more issues with debris and sticking your dick in the receiver when directions are unclear. Accuracy is good. Having said that, this rifle could easily outshoot most shooters and only held back by the skill of the operator.

Especially when compared to a bolt action or AKM, the ergonomics is absolutely top notch. Minor details like the safety lever allow it to be operated comfortably and smoothly. Being able to utilize all the features without fiddling around too much makes the SKS one of the easiest guns to shoot. Aesthetics: 1.

That said, in its original form the SKS is a great looking rifle. Many would disagree with me on the aesthetic value of a stock SKS, but a truly well-crafted tool deserves to look the part. Overall: 4. Price mixed with function sets this rifle ahead of many of its peers. There is no way anyone could be disappointed with a properly made and maintained SKS. Remember, your potential SKS may have been sitting in a rice field just waiting for the next target. Do you want more classic firearm reviews?

What are your favorite milsurps? Let us know in the comments! They only gave me 3 rd mags instead of 4 for it as they were selling the extra mags for more profit the upcoming ban. The rifle was brand new, but the finish on the stock looked horrible in my opinion.

What is the best sks rifle to buy

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