Tucson lost and found pets

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For lost pets. PLEASE go through the steps below to help reunite the pet with owner- and if after 2 weeks nothing has worked, and you still cannot keep the pet, you can work to re-home post on facebook : Re-home Arizona Pets and Keep Them Out of Shelters.

Many lives could be saved if more were returned to their owners or were held by someone until it can be claimed by the owner. Pet owners and people who have found pets may not know to look at PACC for animals brought to the shelter, they may for instance only post and look on Carigslist. We hope you will spread the message about ALL the ways to reunite pets and their owners. Check for tags or other ID on the collar. There is also a free mobile service who will come scan the pet for you: TEXT your full address, name, and photo of pet to Donations accepted.

If you can keep the animal at your home while searching for the owner, that is the best and safest solution for the animal and will not minimize the chance of reunification if you make the following diligent efforts to find the owner. They can check the lost pet reports and if the owner calls later they will give them your phone .

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Your posts will also appear on their websites. Including a picture is very helpful and recommended. Ideally, use a picture that does not include some unique feature of the animal you would expect the owner to know, in order to verify ownership.

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For example if the animal had a distinctive collar, take the collar off for the picture and the possible owner can be asked to describe the collar. Keep an eye out for lost pet posters. Set up posters close to where you found pet, in spots where people can see them from their cars.

Create and print a free flier by clicking here. Personally notify as many people around your home as possible. If done immediately, this is the most effective method.

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Additional Facebook s available unfortunately people keep starting new s, making it more difficult for owners to look for and find their pets :. There are still many people who have never used the Internet. The ad is FREE. Request the person provide some evidence it is their pet: send you a picture, send a medical record, identify markings on the animal that were not in the picture you shared eg describe his tail, or describe markings on left ear, is he neutered? For suggestions on catching a panicked petcheck this from Missing Animal Response Network.

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Tucson lost and found pets

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