Torn natalie imbruglia meaning

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Lyrics submitted by sawgedited by sweetelfTiah. Log in now to tell us what you think this song means. Log in. Lyrics Artists add. Torn Natalie Imbruglia Comments 0 Tags. Torn song meanings.

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Add Your Thoughts Comments. General Comment This song is definitely about a girl who meets a boy and falls in love with the idea him. Slowly she begins to see who he really is and is shocked that he's not the man "she fell in love with.

The cold and naked part is symbolic for her vulnerability, in my novice opinion. Lynnbirds on May 12, Link. There was an error. Lynnbirds Nailed it. General Comment This song really touched me — I first heard it riding with my son in his car and he was board with it and tried to change stations and I almost caused an accident ripping his hands off the controls. As a woman you have build an illusion of what you believe is your perfect mate and you Torn natalie imbruglia meaning you have found the man that matched your dream - he is perfect, he seems to really care for you and you love him and give yourself totally for you have convince yourself that he is the one.

And you are again waiting for him to come to you — but he is late — and you are struck with the realization that he no longer rushes to be with you, you have ceased being important to his life - he does not love you back, he is board with you - the conversation has run dry - he is not really giving to you, you are now just convenient just something to be used until he finds someone better.

You suddenly see the truth and you lose all faith and hope for the relationship, you had given your all for this love which is nothing to him, you are torn, emotionally devastated, overwhelmed with shame that you gave so much to someone who gave so little and thus you feel so exposed, Torn natalie imbruglia meaning naked bound and broken, you had given him everything, and your everything was nothing to him moosewood on March 25, Link.

Thank you for sharing your ideas. I fell in love with a girl in Atlanta where I was born and raised who moved to North Florida. She asked me to come with and said that she wanted to marry me. In a few months I relocated, and you can guess what happened. So there I sat in a strange place not knowing anyone. A city boy in a small southern town. I was alone, depressed, and heartbroken for 6 months.

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I didn't really hear this song, applied to my situation until 2 months later when I had moved back to Atlanta. I was over her. I had just started seeing a new girl for whom I am falling madly, and this song came on the radio.

I just listened to the lyrics, it's like they were speaking to me. I find that women sing about heartbreak better than men, and this song is for everyone. Just change the gender. General Comment I've always loved this song. Yeah, it's about how she fell in love with a man He's wound up breaking her pretty badly. No Replies Log in to reply.

General Comment Before making love to a woman we men are a bit different from what we are after making it. We are kinder, sweeter, lovelier before, and Torn natalie imbruglia meaning live this illusion: but after sex she was lying naked on the flooras we have obtained what we wanted, we change a little bit and get colder and women feel disillusionment. Every woman who has experienced that will say or think what NI sings. Don't you think so? Song Meaning If anyone has seen the music video of this song, i think many of you are getting way too deep into the interpretation of the lyrics.

The video shows a girl and a guy acting out scenes together. While they are acting she is happy, he is happy.

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When they stop though, the guy seems different. I believe this is what the song is meant to be about. Her co actor was an 'illusion' she fell so deeply in love with the fictional character that she forgot he isn't like that in real life. I believe all of the lyrics fit to this perspective. Does anyone else somewhat agree? I don't think i've read this interpretation on this website, or anywhere. I agree General Comment I agree with many of the above interpretations, Torn natalie imbruglia meaning I'd like to share my own interpretation.

Although, 'brought to life' suggests that some sort of change has taken place. You don't seem to know, seem to care, what your heart is for, But I don't know him anymore," - He has changed over the course of the relationship. Some have suggested maybe he cheated on her, or betrayed her in some way, but it could also have been some form of abuse. Now she realizes he's not the guy she fell in love with. Nothing's fine I'm torn General Comment a very good song, i agree with most of the comments except the religious idea of it You don't seem to know, seem to care, what your heart is for" about Jesus because i think if he really did die for us all then he defnitely would have had to of had a heart.

After you've seen the video i think it looks a bit like a filming crew, maybe the songs connected to how hard it can be to have a decent relationship when your famous? BUT he made her cry and he couldn't be the man she adored, because he wasn't who she liked him for General Comment This song is about being fooled by someone you thought you loved.

Its about finding out too late that they fooled you, and then being completely disgusted with them for doing it and yourself for allowing it to happen. I relate to this song very much. General Comment i think this song is ok. Artists - N. Kuschelrock, Vol. Rate These Lyrics. We do not have any tags for Torn lyrics. Why not add your own?

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Torn natalie imbruglia meaning

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“Torn” by Natalie Imbruglia