Thailand spa massage san francisco

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Online Appointment or Massage can provide us with a means to counteract the relentless surge of work and domestic pressures. For all too many of us, stiffness and pain are a way of life to which we have become habituated, and it is often not until we receive massage that we realize that our muscles are tight, or come to see how much of our energy is consumed by tension.

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Massage can be voyage of self-discovery, revealing how it feels to be more relaxed and in tune with ourselves, to experience the pleasure of body that can breathe, stand and move freely. Traditional Thai Massage. Most people feel refreshed and relaxed after a massage. Occasionally, some people experience post massage soreness the day after their massage.

This is nothing to worry about. Most people feel a great reduction of their original muscle tightness and pain after the delayed soreness resolves itself. There are several theories, none of them yet have universal support, about the exact physiological cause of this delayed onset muscle soreness. More research must be conducted before the exact cause mechanisms can be determined. What is commonly believed in relation to massage is that this soreness is a that tight muscles were stretched and realigned, adhesion and scar tissue were broken apart so new tissue could form and lay down correctly, or even simply that deep pressure was applied to an injured muscle to release tissue.

The above procedures all help your muscles to relax and heal.

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However, it is these forceful actions to your muscles that can cause soreness the next day. This delayed onset muscle soreness is not unlike what a person experiences after intense exercise. An old theory suggests that excess lactic acid in the muscle is the cause of this soreness.

However, studies conducted by exercise physiologist, Dr. George A. While excess lactic acid is typically present in sore muscles, it is not the cause of the soreness itself.

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Soak for 20 minutes and follow with a cool shower. La Nee Thai Massage. Traditional Thai Massage Online Appointment or View fullsize. Prenatal Massage. Herbal Massage. Aroma Oil Massage. Be Well.

Thailand spa massage san francisco

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