Hi Amy, if you don't remember me, my husband Nathan and I met you in early July to pick up the pup known as Oreo. Well now we call her Lolo and she is doing great! She is such a sweet and fun pup and we have been very happy with her. Her health has been very good except for a minor infection which seemed to us a lot like a human cold. Early on we took her to 4 weeks of puppy kindergarten and another month of training classes. She easily got through level one but we thought she might have been too young yet for level two, although she did ok. Next we need to work on not pulling on leash, heeling, and not jumping on people in greetings [that's always been hard for our friendly girl.] We think she's pretty happy with us but it's hard to get that Berner grin out of her, always such a serious expression. But when we take her to do some of her favorite things it definitely comes out. She loves trails, likes wooded areas, so we take her to one near our house often and whenever we get the chance in a new town. We joke that she is the most social one in our family because she loves trips to the dog park so much. Of course just playing in the backyard is a favorite too. She's not so good with fetch [not surprisingly] so Nathan and I find ourselves chasing or being chased quite often. When we had a tiny bit of snow on Monday morning, it was like she'd gone to heaven. It was so funny to watch her tear around and rediscover all her frozen toys and try to catch snowflakes...Happy Thanksgiving!