We cannot tell you how much we are in love with this boy.  He has a funny, playful and loving demeanor that we only could have only wished for.  He is great with other dogs and a lover of all people.  We take him to daycare a couple of days a week where he plays non-stop from the time we drop him off until the time we pick him up.  Harvey recently graduated from his first puppy class and is very good at following commands.  He is currently 46 pounds, sheds very minimally (we find a random tuft of hair around the house every once in a while) and his coat is still as soft as the day we picked him up.  Our vet told us that he is likely done growing “up” and will only fill out—and will probably be full grown between 55-60 pounds.  We could not have asked for a more perfect addition to our family!  Here are a couple of recent pictures of our handsome fella. Thanks again for everything…maybe we’ll see you next spring to get Harvey a little brother! Take care!