Hi Amy, I realized I never sent you any update on our beautiful pup!  Her name is Layla in our house.  She is so loving and playful, she thinks every dog and person is her friend.
She's now 55 pounds at 14 months so don't expect her to grow any more.  It's the perfect size!  We wanted a larger dog, but I was nervous about getting too large.   She's enjoyed lots of baseball games, tennis matches and football games.  Hockey is the one place we can't bring her with.  Our grandson is 2 weeks older than Layla, one of his first words was "Layla".  She does amazing with him!  He can feed her treats and hug all over.
We get so many compliments about how beautiful she is.  I've been told she should be in a Disney movie!  I saw your latest liter and they look so much like her, I wonder if the same parents?
Thank you for delivering to us a great new family member!  I attached a pictures when she was still fuzzy and then after her summe cut.  We're are starting to grow out again now for winter!