Hi Amy - I wanted to send a long a "Henry" update.  What an absolute joy!
Henry is amazing.  He is friendly to everyone, loves people, is very well behaved for a puppy and just a lot of fun!  Except for work, he goes everywhere I go - to visit friends, run errands, walk around the lake, etc.
EVERY person that meets Henry falls in love with him - asks him where I got him, what kind of dog he he is and raves about how handsome and friendly he is.  He has many fans in my neighborhood and Henry definitely has his favorite neighbors!
I am happy to report he is healthy and happy!  I can't imagine my life without him!
Attached is a picture from his first grooming appointment from just a couple of weeks ago.  🙂
#2: Hi Amy - I saw there are some Bernedoodle pups for sale and I thought I would send you a note.  I have passed your name/organization to a few folks who were interested in Bernedoodles.  Henry seems to be a great marketing tool 🙂
Also, I wanted to give you an update on Henry.   He is a big boy now - 60 lbs, happy, healthy and neutered!  I enjoy him more and more every day.  He is smart as a whip and oh so loving.
He does doggie daycare 2 days per week and LOVES it!  He is great will all dogs and loves when there is a younger puppy at daycare as he plays with them and is gentle but fun!  He is great with people and especially kids!  He is the most popular guy in the neighborhood for sure and the folks at the pet store can't get enough of him.
I thought I would send a few pictures.  Henry after his recent grooming and Henry on the couch exhausted after a play date!
Thank you again for Henry - he is truly a gift!