Our Happy Customers Say it All!


My puppy Bernadoodle from Buffalo Ridge will be 1 year old on Halloween. She is so loving, sweet, athletic and social. She also is a great protector of home and family. She plays all day with my 3 Bearded Collies. Thank You for bringing such a wonderful loving life into this ever so crazy world.


Hey Amy! He has made it in safely and since his arrival, he has been nothing but a blessing. We’re still working on potty training but he is quick to learn commands. Everyone that i’ve come into contact with has gone out of their way to tell me how he is the cutest puppy they’ve ever seen, and I agree. One of my friends mentioned to me that he may be looking for a puppy soon, and I recommended your services. Thank you for such a speedy and easy transaction again. I am overly excited to have him now. Thank you and take care!

Courtney & Stan

Hi Amy! I just wanted to get in touch and let you know that Milo is doing great! We love him so much already and he seems to loves us already too! He has taken to us nicely and he is such a cuddle bug. He seems to be adjusting well. Thank you again for everything, he is a wonderful addition to our family!

Lilly is doing great! So good with both of my kids. She is so sweet.  We could not be happier and will recommend you guys to anyone looking for a breeder. Thanks again!

Just wanted to let you know that Hayden “Dusty” is doing amazing. He’s so tolerant with our 1 year old and cuddles with him nonstop. He also likes to follow around our other two.  I think he’s finally adjusted and his true personally is finally shining through. Please feel free to use this as a recommendation/referral on your website. Have a great week!


Hi Amy, I just wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying our pup. We named her Delilah. She is such a sweetie and is doing great at puppy pre k and with the kids. She is especially close with me, which I love!

Bill & Nadine

1. Hi.. Amy, Moe did very well yesterday… was very good in the car all the way home.. slept better than expected at night in our crate.. cried maybe 10 – 15 minutes.. than slept til 5:00 am.. ate a little last night and had breakfast this morning;  and so far no diarrhea..    We were very nervous about getting a puppy sight unseen… but we were not disappointed at all… He is beautiful.. affectionate, playful and seems very healthy… thank you so much!

2. Hi Amy…Just wanted to let you know how Moe is doing.. We took him to our Vet on Friday and she said that he was a perfectly healthy beautiful little puppy…  He weighed 14 lbs…  Since we have had “Moe”.. he has slept in his crate… not once getting up in the middle of the night…  We thought for sure that we would be sleep deprived by now…He knows his name is “MOE”… and seems to be adjusting quite nicely to his new home… We have mastered “sit” and he is learning “come” and “stay”…. He is very sweet..He definately is keeping us on our toes…Have a great day…

We named the pup Sam. Did well on the drive home….I was impressed with your boys! Well behaved, polite guys!  Thanks for everything!

Just wanted to reach out and say thank you! Jasmine is doing great (my wife named her Amery)She is clearly intelligent and very friendly; she is getting along well with my dog. Girls are just smitten. The housebreaking you must have done has been a lifesaver- no accidents yet 🙂 anyway, thanks for everything!


Hi Amy,

I just wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying our pup. We named her Delilah. She is such a sweetie and is doing great at puppy pre k and with the kids. She is especially close with me, which I love!

Kate & Adam
Hello Amy! I wanted to send you a few photos of our happy furbaby:) We love him very much! Take Care!

We cannot tell you how much we are in love with this boy.  He has a funny, playful and loving demeanor that we only could have only wished for.  He is great with other dogs and a lover of all people.  We take him to daycare a couple of days a week where he plays non-stop from the time we drop him off until the time we pick him up.  Harvey recently graduated from his first puppy class and is very good at following commands.  He is currently 46 pounds, sheds very minimally (we find a random tuft of hair around the house every once in a while) and his coat is still as soft as the day we picked him up.  Our vet told us that he is likely done growing “up” and will only fill out—and will probably be full grown between 55-60 pounds.  We could not have asked for a more perfect addition to our family!  Here are a couple of recent pictures of our handsome fella.

Thanks again for everything…maybe we’ll see you next spring to get Harvey a little brother!

Take care!

Kristi, Josh & Ollie
Hi Amy,
We wanted to send along a quick update on Sam! He’s just a great dog. Smart, sweet, very snuggly. We’ve been having so much fun. I thought I’d send along a few recent pictures. 🙂


She’s been a complete angel!  The drive home went without a hitch, she slept on our son’s lap.  No barking, whimpering or whining yet.  She seems really well adjusted and has enjoyed her toys and playing out back with our kids. She’s exhausted and is now sleeping in her bed!
We haven’t named her yet, but are leaning towards Winnie.  She’s off to the vet Friday to get her shots.  I’ll keep you updated as she settles in.
Thank you so much for such a lovely, sweet girl!
Hi Amy,
I thought you might like this picture.  And she’s growing like a weed!  Enjoy the rest of your week.

My husband surprised our family last year with Happy, born 8/30/17. He is now called Rizzo and is a mischievous, cuddly, muppet of a sweetheart…..We haven’t weighed Rizzo in a few months. He is probably around 70 pounds, I would guess. He is very tall and has a huge head. His shedding has been ZERO. My husband and daughter both have mild dog allergies and they don’t react with him at all. His hair is curlier now than it was, but it doesn’t mat. I will see if I can get a good picture of him for you!


Hi Amy,

It’s been a little while but I just wanted to reach out to you to let you know how much we love our puppy, Walter. Dan and I purchased him from you this past April and he’s been the best dog either of us have ever had. He gets so much attention and love not just from us but from everyone he meets! His personality is very happy, loving, and very goofy. He keeps us laughing every day. He’s been so easy that we are considering getting another in the near future!
Here are a few pictures for you. He’s about 10 months old now and around 58 lbs. We think he might end up between 60-65 lbs full grown.
Thanks again! Hope all is well with you and your family!

Good afternoon.

Thought I’d sent you a couple picks of our Sebastian. He went to the vet for his “1 year” he weighs 103# and is perfect. He is a playfully goofy boy that stole our hearts from the moment he threw up all over the car on his maiden voyage home [car sick.]

We could not imagine life without him.


Good Morning Amy, Kobi is here and he is perfect!!! Everything went great last night. The whole family went to the airport to get him and he was just precious. He got lots of hugs and kisses the whole hour drive home from all of us!! He really is the sweetest puppy and is getting along great with our dog too. Thank you so much for everything, we are so excited to have him and will give him a very happy home!! Thanks again for everything!! Have a great day.

Dave, Amy And Ashley

Hi Amy! Hope all is well with you! Just wanted to send you a quick update on Rueben, whom we purchased as Bandit almost three years ago. I took him to the vet today for shots, and as we all really dread at a doctor visit, a weigh in. Rueben topped the scale at a whopping 143 pounds!!! The vet almost fell off his chair! He thought he weighed around 125 pounds!! I guess must take after his dad- Vladimir. Anyways, he’s a wonderful companion and we love him very much. Thank you for such a beautiful, healthy Bernese! We could not be happier and are thinking about adding another to our family in the future, and will be sure to contact you.


Hi Amy, I am so in love with this girl. In 2 weeks we can sit, down, shake, stay, come…almost good on potty training. Her name is Sasha. Feeling blessed to have her!


Moose arrived safe and sound. He’s spunky and loving even after a day on the plane. We are over the moon!

Dave, Amy & Ashley

Hey Amy! We were just checking out your website and wanted to add a happy customer comment. Rueben [aka Bandit] is doing very well. Big, full of energy, happy, and loves his brothers- a yorkie, a bully, and a griffon. Thanks for everything!


Amy, He arrived just fine, not even an accident in his kennel. We feel perfect joy with his sweet little personality. Our kids are in fluffy Berner heaven, and our bulldog is pretty stoked to have a fluffy pal, they are running alongside each other. He is in good hands, thank you for raising him. His markings are just what I’d hoped for and he’s just wonderful. Just so you know he’ll be cared for, as my husband says “you don’t love designer clothes or shoes but you baby your designer dogs.”

Glen, Bree, Shae And Family.

Hi Amy, Just letting you know all is well with Spike [aka Theo.] Everyone is enjoying him and no issues to date. Thanks again and hope all is well with you. Happy Holidays!


My husband and our girl Kasi have really bonded. She loves to swim in the pond and play in the springs. She is very sweet, thank you. Please keep in touch.


Hi Amy, our puppy Thor is doing great, he is very smart. He already sits on command, retrieves a ball and gives his paw when asked. We are really impressed. He is spoiled rotten and loves a lot of attention. Thanks so much for our wonderful puppy!


Hi Amy! I’m home now with Tonka now and Matthew’s girlfriend Christina came and got Beaumont this morning. We are so happy with both pups!


Hi Amy, if you don’t remember me, my husband Nathan and I met you in early July to pick up the pup known as Oreo. Well now we call her Lolo and she is doing great! She is such a sweet and fun pup and we have been very happy with her. Her health has been very good except for a minor infection which seemed to us a lot like a human cold. Early on we took her to 4 weeks of puppy kindergarten and another month of training classes. She easily got through level one but we thought she might have been too young yet for level two, although she did ok. Next we need to work on not pulling on leash, heeling, and not jumping on people in greetings [that’s always been hard for our friendly girl.] We think she’s pretty happy with us but it’s hard to get that Berner grin out of her, always such a serious expression. But when we take her to do some of her favorite things it definitely comes out. She loves trails, likes wooded areas, so we take her to one near our house often and whenever we get the chance in a new town. We joke that she is the most social one in our family because she loves trips to the dog park so much. Of course just playing in the backyard is a favorite too. She’s not so good with fetch [not surprisingly] so Nathan and I find ourselves chasing or being chased quite often. When we had a tiny bit of snow on Monday morning, it was like she’d gone to heaven. It was so funny to watch her tear around and rediscover all her frozen toys and try to catch snowflakes…Happy Thanksgiving!


Greta at 10 months old. She was spayed 3 months ago and is the love of our lives! Thanks again for a great dog!

Mike, Lydia And Romeo

Romeo is doing great- very playful, loves meeting new people and dogs and is getting a lot better at walking and occasionally enjoys a swim or two. Take care!


Hi Amy, Lulu is the sweetest little girl!! We absolutely love her. Picking her up was so smooth, she’s so calm and affectionate! Thank you again!!!

John & Stacy (And Petra!)

Just wanted to give you a little update on Petra (Lulu) and I’ve attached some photos for you. I can’t begin to tell you how happy we are with Petra! She is such a well manned, happy puppy. House training went extremely well and she took to it very quickly. We will be taking her to her 3rd puppy class later today. After being a bit shy the first night, she is now doing very well and is friendly but polite with the other dogs. She’s pretty much figured out ‘Sit’ but still can’t quite get the hang of ‘down’. She’s doing pretty well with ‘Come.’ It will take time, I’m sure, but she’s always so happy to please. Plus, the treats don’t hurt! We took her to the vet for the next round of vaccinations, and everything went well. Petra is already over 16 lbs and growing fast! The transition to the ‘large breed puppy’ Nutrisource dog food went well and she loves it. We’ve signed her up for a preventative health plan and she’ll be going in for another check up and weigh in on Feb. 3rd. Petra’s favorite toy is a long rope make from knotted up old t-shirts. She loves to chase it and play a friendly game of tug. She also loves her chew raccoon. She’s been a champ in crate training and she now sleeps all night long without any potty breaks. Petra is also learning to enjoy the great outdoors. We often play in the deep snow in the park across the street. John and I took Petra on her first short hike as well! All in all, I just wanted to let you know that she is doing great and we couldn’t be happier. Thank you so much!


We’ve had our handsome boy now for 4 months and we couldn’t imagine our lives without him! He is honestly the sweetest, most lovable puppy and we love him to death. Yesterday he turned 6 months and we can’t believe how big he is already! He loves to go for walks and he just recently discovered snow for the first time and he loves it. He absolutely loves other dogs and people and greets everyone he meets with such excitement! We just want to thank you for giving us our best friend. We couldn’t have asked for a better dog! He is so spoiled and loved and always will be! Here are some recent pics of him.


Hello, just thought I would send you an update on Romeo. He is doing very well he finally got neutered last week and is recovering well he even destroyed the cone he was wearing chewed it up really well. Hope you have a great holiday season. Attached are a couple recent photos of him.

Cheers, Danielle & Eric

Hi Amy, Jag arrived!! We have him here at home and he’s doing great. We’re going to call him Koda!! He’s curious and loving and fun… He’s the best. Thank you so much!!! We’ll let you know if we have more questions as we progress but right now we’re just loving him and welcoming him to his new home. We’ll send some pictures once situated. Best wishes and many thanks!!


Hi Amy, I’m so excited that my daughter, Danielle, purchased Jag from you! Can’t wait until he meets his (half) sister Greta. What a personality! We love her! Thanks again for such a great gal!


Thank you so much for the sweetest, smartest, funniest and cutest puppy ever! We are in love with him! He wasn’t a fan of sleeping last night, but we didn’t expect any differently. He hasn’t had any accidents yet in the house, and already goes to the door when he wants to go out! He’s the best! We named him Finn, and is already responding. Thanks so much Amy!