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The classes girls select early in school can affect their career trajectory years down the road.

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During more than a decade guiding thousands of girls toward science, technology, engineering, and math careers, Tamara Hudgins has seen the influence of early education on young students. Hudgins works as the executive director at Girlstart, an organization based out of Austin, Texas, that works to empower girls in STEM through after-school programs and camps.

She found that those who enrolled in preparatory math and science courses in middle school were able to take on advanced STEM classes sooner, propelling their STEM education in college and opening related career paths. This is the fork in the road.

Getting girls enrolled in STEM classes early is the key to boosting their presence in computer science and other STEM fields where women are underrepresented. But female students sometimes have different motivations than their male counterparts for pursuing STEM experiences. She published an algorithm used by the first modern computer. The Harvard Mark 1 was completed. Rear Admiral Grace Hopper was one of the first programmers for the room-sized computer, which operated through Carol Shaw was among the first professional female video game deers.

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Radia Perlman wrote the algorithm behind Spanning-Tree Protocol STPwhich helped lay the foundation for traffic patterns on the internet. Frances Allen became the first woman to receive the A. Turing Award from the Association for Computing Machinery. Barbara Liskov receives the A. Turing Award for contributions to practical and theoretical foundations of programming language and system de and is named an Institute Professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She started at IBM as an engineer in While female and male students had similar achievements in high-level math and science courses, more male students participated in computer science and engineering classes.

Demand for computing professionals in the United States is expected to strengthen in the next decade, and the jobs pay above average. From throughcomputer and information technology jobs are expected to grow 11 percentaccording to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Women held 29 percent of science and engineering occupations inthe update to the NSF report found. The report found that the of women increased in all science and engineering occupations over that time.

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Though the of women in computing careers has grown Syracuse girl needed for professor the s, the ratio of women in the field has dropped as a disproportionate amount of men have entered the field. Incorporating more women in STEM careers could lead to more productivity and innovation. But Hudgins said there are structural barriers that make it difficult for women to remain in STEM jobs, despite a growing pipeline of girls on track to enter those careers. Syracuse University Professor Qinru Qiu acknowledged that engineering tends to be a male-dominated field, but she said the difficulties women face in STEM careers are no different than challenges in any other field.

Still, she said, a more diverse workforce could help attract more women, including at the college level. Launching girls into STEM education and extracurricular learning at a young age can put them on the path to thrive in science, math and technology careers — the first step to retaining more women in the field. In general, it helps to present STEM as a way to solve problems. And as with all students, showing girls a variety of options for careers in STEM and laying out a clear path for them to reach those positions can help clearly connect their school and extracurricular work to careers.

Parents and educators can also help influence girls to get and stay interested in computing and STEM work. Syracuse University professor Shikha Nangia hosts a week computational research cohort each summer that includes high school and college students.

Each course in a peer-reviewed paper, and some of her students have gone on to pursue STEM careers. Nangia has a son and a daughter, and she said she teaches them both that humans are equal. That decline begins at a crucial time for coursework decision-making. Incorporate hands-on, inquiry-based STEM lessons that connect to the real world. Seek out free STEM education materials on the internet, and encourage students to pursue extracurricular STEM activities, such as after-school clubs, summer camps or community service activities that incorporate STEM learning.

Connect girls to female support networks and influencers, including mothers and working role models. Supportive male mentors are also helpful. Educators and parents alike can take advantage of numerous organizations that dedicate themselves to encouraging more women to enter STEM fields. Many of these organizations have programming catered to students, while others focus on addressing racial and income gaps in addition to the gender gap.

Connect with University and Professional Organizations.

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Connecting with an organization is a great way to stay engaged with the STEM community beyond education. These organizations are dedicated to furthering women participation in STEM careers:. Organizations are often searching for skilled professionals to help with their initiatives. Here are a few projects geared toward STEM education and literacy:. The Community Tech Network focuses on digital literacy and eliminating the digital divide.

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Their volunteers are known as Digital Coaches and they help individuals navigate the digital world by teaching a variety of skills on accessing telemedicine, connecting with family and friends, and accessing the news. Help us get to know you better by filling out the brief form below. A member of our community will be in touch soon to connect and we will you with information about the program.

Get their friends involved. Connect STEM to career interests. Girls Who Code has clubs and camps across the country for students in third grade through college. Girlstart, a program with a presence in Texas, Massachusetts and California, offers STEM experiences for students in elementary school and beyond. The Khan Academy offers free educational materials on computing. Teach boys that girls are their equals. Learn something together. Reach girls early. Show that STEM is everywhere.

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Prompt continuous learning. Build networks. Black Girls Code is a coding program focused on women of color. The Alpha Omega Epsilon National Foundation scholarships are typically due in the fall preceding an academic year.

Their Engineering and Technical Science Achievement Scholarship is open to women undergraduates majoring in engineering or another technical science, who have a 3. Applications are typically due in the spring preceding the new academic year. The Society of Women Engineers was founded in and, with over 42, members, is one of the largest professional organizations for women in engineering and technology. They provides resources for personal and career development. The Association for Women In Science was founded in and focuses on fair compensation, equitable advancement, and women leaders and role models in STEM.

The organization has 80 chapters and provides professional development tools for members. The program curates content for women in tech and spearhe initiatives such as Women Techmakers India and Google-sponsored scholarship programs. For students attending Syracuse University programs, the Engineering and Computer Science department recognizes over a dozen clubs and organizations ranging from competitive racing clubs to professional Greek organizations.

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Volunteers are placed in classrooms and help teach computer science subjects to students and teachers. Code for Fun combines creative skills with computer science education and looks for volunteers to help run their programs for students in grades K They utilize tools and games like Minecraft, Scratch, and Roblox to help teach coding concepts. Next Step.

Syracuse girl needed for professor

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