Subreddits for dating advice

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Photo via Pixabay, Ryan McGuire. A long time ago, before there was Internet, people with problems would seek counsel from deated advice professionals. Thanks to the wonders of Reddit, all you need is access to a computer and the ability to type. Incredibly, many people are taking advantage of this by seeking counsel from a subreddit entitled Relationships. Also, every single question — no matter how obvious — gets at least a few answers from supportive redditors.

In the days of traditional advice columns, only the most compelling read: truly batshit requests would be picked for publication. The only problem is that you might have a hard time looking away.

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Redditors actually give some pretty terrible advice in this case; they say she should tell her friend to consider a little something called not being fat. This sounds like a great way to ruin a friendship. Redditors correctly diagnose this as stalker-ish behavior and tell her to stop all contact with him.

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They counsel her to drop him. No one blames him. She calls it rape, then backtracks. The Reddit consensus is that he should run. It seems kind of fake.

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They go on these walks often. He pauses to take a shit on the side of the road often.

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This is because he has a hard time planning his potty schedule. The girlfriend accepts this.

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She notices an unleashed dog nearby and notifies her boyfriend. He finishes pooping and becomes disgruntled. Later, on the way home, he belittles and screams at her. She wonders if she did something wrong. Thankfully, the people of Reddit correctly identify the boyfriend as an abusive asshole and advise her to dump him. But he used to be nice, the original poster protests.

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The veracity of this post, while dubious, is irrelevant. Most of them feel it would be okay if the boyfriend had saved the thong for later rather than going to the bathroom right then. If so, can we somehow make this not be a thing anymore? We get it: you like to have control of your own internet experience.

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Subreddits for dating advice

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