Smoking age in australia

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Help eliminate smoking in Australia by increasing the minimum purchasing age for cigarettes to 21 years. How old were you when you tried your first cigarette? Share your story and the campaign for change.

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The campaign calls on Australians to support increasing the minimum purchasing age for tobacco products to 21 years across all states and territories T The community needs to fight tobacco complacency and remind governments that more can be done to prevent future generations from becoming addicted to smoking. Australia has traditionally led the way in the fight against smoking. Our tobacco reforms have become global standards adopted by other nations, from plain packaging to restrictions on advertising at the point of sale.

We need to keep up the pressure. If the bill passes it will lead the way for further legislation across the country. Tobacco21 gives a voice to Australians who stand against tobacco, encouraging people to demand direct action from governments around the country. Through public campaigning we bring the facts about smoking regulation to the broader public, including the latest research from around the world and written position statements from health organisations such as the Australian Medical Association and Cancer Council.

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Together, we can encourage governments to take the next step in stamping out smoking. Lifting the minimum purchasing age to 21 years is a proven tobacco control mechanism implemented in a range of global jurisdictions from California to Singapore. It has a dramatic effect on youth smoking rates and limits the flow of cigarettes to underage peers.

Our polling shows that over 75 per cent of Australians support the measure, including the majority of smokers and young people. Collaborate Against Cancer Overview. Get involved. What does this campaign do? The process. Why this is important.

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Support T21 to enable a smoke-free generation. Our target. Raise the minimum smoking age to 21 in all states and territories in Australia by Project members. Related news. Media Release Collaborate Against Cancer T21 economic modelling shows health care benefits far outweigh impact on small business tobacco sales profitability. Related projects.

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Clinical Trial Network Using A. Eliminate Tobacco We aim to eliminate tobacco consumption for the next generation by working with health organisations, researchers and government to achieve policy reform to current tobacco control regulations. Global Brain Cancer Mission The GBCM brings together governments, philanthropists, scientists, clinicians and cancer charities to rethink the approach to tackling brain cancer. Stop e-cigarettes Campaigning to ensure the sale of nicotine-based e-cigarettes remains prohibited in Australia, and to combat e-cigarette use worldwide.

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The Brain Cancer Project Providing brain cancer patients with a platform to share their clinical and genomic data. Universal Cancer Databank The UCD project aims to bring together data from diverse data sets, locations, and systems, enabling free access to patients and researchers from around the world.

Smoking age in australia

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