Signs your boyfriend is controlling and abusive

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You and your boyfriend just made things official, but he already wants to spend so much time with you. And he wants to know everything about you.

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And he wants to make sure you make it home—or even to and from work—safely. Um, if it feels like too much, it probably is. But it's not always easy to distinguish true love from a controlling relationship. In fact, "a lot of s of a controlling partner can be highly romanticized in the beginning of the relationship," says Heather LoftonPhD, a therapist at the Family Institute at Northwestern University. So while all those "sweet" moments he spends concerned about your whereabouts could mean chivalry isn't totally dead, it could also hint at potentially controlling behavior. If you think you might have a controlling boyfriend, here are 10 s to look out for:.

Sure, any relationship is a time commitment and may require you to adjust priorities. Maybe you no longer spend all weekend brunching and binge watching Vanderpump Rules with your girls, or every weeknight glued to work. But if your BF is controlling, he may not only dislike you spending time with the other important people in your life, but might even try to turn you against them "Your mom sure treats you like crap"so you think the distance is a good thing, Bruneau says.

Take note now. If you no longer call your college BFF for advice or to vent because your BF has made you believe he should be your one and only source of support, you may have an impending problem on your hands.

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That's a check in the "controlling partner" box. Say you go to an impromptu happy hour after work or run into a friend and get sidetracked catching up. Do you consciously avoid telling your partner about it? If your boyfriend is confident, charming, and persuasive, you might think you've hit the jackpot.

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After all, those are all great career skills, and they're probably part of what makes him attractive. But they could also make him a controlling partner. A partner, however, should treat you like, well, a partner. Rules or restrictions on what you wear, who you hang out with, what you eat, or how you spend your free time are not okay.

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Will your BF just not let go of that one time you cancelled plans or when you told your friend about something before him? If you want to share, say, your salary with your partner, feel free. But if he demands to see sensitive and irrelevant-to-him things like your text message history, bank statements, and work computer, consider yourself warned. Sounds like a controlling relationship. Maybe your partner had a moment of weakness and read an you left on the screen.

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But, if several of these s add up to an overall controlling pattern, take action before the behavior becomes abusive. First, experts recommend sharing how you feel with your boyfriend. If you're in what Lofton calls a "low-risk controlling relationship," you can still talk to your boyfriend about how you feel and why you think there is a level of disrespect.

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If the relationship starts to slip into abusive territory, those folks will likely be the ones to point it out—and help get you out. Also consider professional help. Try going to a marriage and family therapist together, and encourage your partner to see a therapist on his own, too.

If he resists, then you should seriously think about ending the relationship. After all, there's no point in staying with someone who knows their controlling behavior makes you unhappy, but doesn't want to do anything about it. And if that seems difficult or even dangerous which it certainly can beseek out help from The National Domestic Abuse Hotline. Weight Loss. United States. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories.

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Signs your boyfriend is controlling and abusive

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10 s You Have A Controlling Boyfriend