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So it seems San Diegans have mixed feelings about what's sexy.

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Some love the idea of getting more sexy with themselves and seem to be grateful for our assistance with 58 Sexy Things to Do list in the Feb issue. Others have had enough, thank you, and think this kind of content is trivial and superficial. We agree with both and express both in writing in this issue. Here are some of my thoughts after-the-fact and then some comments from our readers and followers Sure, we turned up the dial a bit on the usually-staid Valentine's Day themed cover for Feb.

And yes, we do have FUN a list of 58 Sexy Things to Do, several of which contain disclaimer statements, where we fully admit we are having some fun with this particular feature. On pg.

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Fletcher about the role looks play in politics with the admission that this story is part of our "somewhat superficial albeit super fun sex issue. We're not afraid of Costco, either. The internal debate about this cover was intense. In fact, if you go to Costco, you will not see our Feb issue on the shelves because they deemed it too racy for their shoppers.

But after careful consideration between our editorial and art departments, we decided not to change the cover for Costco and went with the best image and de that we thought would draw readers in to the issue, hopefully so they could start relishing, enjoying and planning to act on the contents of its s.

Here are some responses we've already received from readers, subscribers and online followers, with genuine gratitude from me to those who read the issue and take the time to send in comments. Other publications cover this kind of material.

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I will be watching the next several issues carefully. Cover the city. Emphasize those who make substantive contributions to our city.

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Cover the arts and restaurants from the perspective of what is quality and who is doing something right, not where the cool or trendy people are. We loved it!! What a great support! A screen shot of our Facebook where fans made some comments when we leaked out the cover image:. And now the question I know you're all wondering. Does sex sell? So far, yes. Sold out, in fact, in a few newsstand locations already. So here's hoping that all those thousands of readers are feeling more passionate about their city after reading it, and all those wonderful advertisers are feeling great about being seen by so many passionate San Diegans.

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Sexy unique San Diego California

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