Bernedoodle Pricing

Bernedoodle Pricing

Buffalo Ridge Bernedoodles currently offers F1 Standard Bernedoodles. The wait list for a tricolor puppy with white on the head can take awhile depending where we’re at on our waiting list.  What’s shown on our “Bernedoodles Puppies for Sale” page is what’s currently available.  Many on our list are waiting for a specific time to adopt, we can move through the list quickly on each litter.

Bernedoodles can come in many colors, typically our colors come in Tricolor, Black/Brown, Black/White and Black. Later this year we will also occasionally offer Merle colored Bernedoodles.

Bernedoodles are a fairly new breed, a mix between a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Poodle. People are seeking out this exciting new breed for the love of the Bernese combined with the smarts, allergy friendly coat and longer lifespan the Poodle breed offers.


Tricolors– $3500-4000 depending upon white markings


Bicolors– $2800-$3500


Solids– $2000-2500


Merles– $4000