Adoption Process

Process for Puppy Adoption

1. Once you’ve made your decision to adopt one of our beautiful puppies, please fill out the Puppy Application to let us know about the puppy’s future family. Please contact us if you don’t hear back within 24 hrs of submitting your app in case it wasn’t submitted successfully.


2. If the puppy has a payment button, make the payment for the puppy. If you’d like to be on our waiting list for a future puppy, please send in a $500 deposit through our “specified payment” button on our payments/contract page. You may also pay for your puppy through this button if you’re local and don’t need shipping charges added to your total. Please keep in mind many times, several people are considering each puppy listed on our site. They can find homes very quickly! Pups aren’t held without payment. If they’ve already been adopted, their payment button will read “sold out” when you try to make the payment.


3. Send in our Sales Contract. Once the payment and contract have been received we will arrange pickup details whether your’e local or flying in to return your puppy home with you in-cabin.  If you’re submitting paperwork for our waiting list, we will notify you when we have availability born for you once the pups are a few weeks old and thriving to give you an idea of a take home date.  Unfortunately due to high disease risk in young puppies, all our puppies are picked out through our site and transferred to you at one of our pickup locations when they’re old enough to go home.  We expect at this time you will also keep them home and safe until they’ve completed all their puppy vaccines around 18 wks of age before mingling with them in the public. I know this is hard, because it’s fun to show them off, but it is the safest option for your new puppy. The new parvo 2c is very aggressive and should be taken very seriously in the early months of life.  Thank you for your understanding.