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This was the perfect opportunity for us to bring together a group of young, Jewish, single professionals in the Bay Area to mix and mingle offline. After the end of each night, we discuss who would be a potential soulmate for whom. Not only was our singles dinner a success, we gained some insights on what can happen when Jewish singles in San Francisco come together. Here are 5 things I noticed:.

During our Shabbat dinner, for example, we decided to place a brown paper box filled with photos of random images like animals, furniture, food, etc. Everyone in the room had to reach in, choose a picture and then stand up and explain how that image relates to them. My personal favorite came from a man who had chosen a banana.

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He mentioned that just like the image, he has a big banana this got a lot of laughs. As soon as the Shabbat dinner started, almost all of the men were present.

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Some were even eager to help us set up the last-minute details bonus points to them. It was certainly refreshing to see the majority of men arrive on time, as it seemed like most of them were excited to meet and make a good impression on the women attendees. Props to the Jewish single men of SF! As soon as our guests had arrived, I encouraged people to open the wine bottles on the tables and have a drink. I noticed that people started mingling more.

Unfortunately, we ran out of wine during dinner, so next time we will be sure to be fully stocked.

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Tip: Always be sure to have enough drinks! I only knew one person when I first moved to San Francisco. I soon started attending events on the weekends and going on dates regularly. That being said, another reason we hosted the Shabbat dinner was simply to help men and women in the Jewish community make new friends.

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I met a ton of awesome girls and some really sweet guys that evening, all who would make awesome friends. As soon as our singles Shabbat dinner started, I got up and announced to everyone that if they met someone who they were interested in, to ask for their phone. And FYI — stop texting all the time!

There are, however, more than a few great catches just waiting to be swept off their feet. How does someone get invited to these dinners and do you ever have them for older Jewish singles?

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Written by Editorial Team on February 16, Here are 5 things I noticed: 1. You May Like.

San francisco jewish singles

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‘Done with swiping’: How Jewish singles in the to set find each other