Patience while dating

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Do you tend to fast-forward your relationship into the future? Only to get rejected or dumped down the road? Have you named the kids, planned your w. Have you named the kids, planned your wedding and it's only your third date? Men tend to fall in love faster, but they fall out of love faster, too! Pacing allows you to test the sincerity and worthiness of your suitor. When I read that someone "tried to pace the relationship" or "I paced it, but he wanted to see me more often And all the Patience while dating excuses as Kim E.

You can not fool me… LOL… There is an air of desperation. No matter how much you could tell me or Kim that you are not acting desperate. You meet a guy So much attraction… He is sooo cool…. He is the one! You want to be in a relationship more than anything in the whole world. You want the romance, the kissing, the romantic dates, the laughing, secret jokes, cuddling…. And you want it to start now! After all, life is short. All your friends have boyfriends. You are not getting any younger!

Your whole wedding is already planned on Pinterest! Especially the cute engagement photos and save the date photos! Hey, I get it! I tend to let my mind "go there" when I meet someone that clicks with me! I always reign myself in though, because I already know… I don't want massive heartbreak before our second date! Also, I know that a man can Patience while dating if you are way ahead of him in the love department.

Pacing works! It takes discipline. And it can be tough. But the rewards are far greater than the work! Pacing means…. Self-discipline means…. Men always want the easy way and fast! They have this drive that they want satisfied… And then when it is… Poof! They chase after that one girl who has "it," that elusive thing they can't figure out--the girl that makes them frustrated. They want that toy on the top shelf that mommy gets down on rainy days.

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No matter that they have a chest full of toys to play with already… Men chomp at the bit for more Patience while dating be smart! Give them just a little…. We call this showing them just a little leg and then pulling it back.

And then they have to wait in anticipation for more? This is how men fall deeply in love. Girls used to say I was the queen of pacing. That they could not imagine a man waiting a week to see me and still be in there.

They always admired me for holding off on sex for months… And I mean months! I learned really fast, and heartache is a great teacher. What I wanted was a man who loved me. The way I learned that was, love at first sight. Might work for some? But I have seen that fizzle out fast. When I pace the relationship The sparks The flame The sizzle Grows and grows That man gets to feel for maybe the first time in his life real excitement, real anticipation. He can't wait to see you. You are always on his mind. He can't stop calling you every night.

He just can not get enough of you. I only hope you can experience this at least once in your life! It is amazing! Come here [the Secret Rules Group] before you "give in" to a guy's demands on your time, texting, phone calls. Come here and post. Sit on your hands. Dating requires patience and pacing.

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Save it for your honeymoon! Let him be the one to do it! Rewards vs. Work Pacing works! Challenge vs. Give them just a little… We call this showing them just a little leg and then pulling it back.

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Patience while dating

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