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He wore custom suits that were tailored just right. His on-trend shoes were always spotless. Aesthetically, he was perfect.

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One lazy Saturday, the pair decided to meet up for a relaxed brunch date followed by massages. Caldwell thought to herself that maybe they could pick up her year-old hairless Chinese Crested dog Bowie afterward to hang out at the dog park. More than 80 percent of millennials and Gen Z pet parents have dogs while just under 50 percent have cats.

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Caldwell learned a lesson from that dating mismatch. Now, a love of dogs has become her top priority in a mate. About a month ago, she ed up for Diga dating app dedicated to dog-lovers.

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And, she says, knowing you already share a common interest helps to break the ice. According to Dig co-founder Leigh Isaacson, around 55 percent of single adults in the U. Knowing the importance many of these singles place on their furry friends, Isaacson wanted to create a community of like-minded animal-lovers to connect—and hopefully find romance.

It started with smaller things like covering the couch with Must love pets singles towel when the dog was around to essentially banning the dog from his apartment by the end of the relationship. Niche dating sites have become increasingly popular, according to experts at Global Dating Insightsa publication focused on the online dating industry based in Reading, U.

Even on broader apps like Tinder, researchers have found that dog-loving users were increasingly aling their adoration of animals. At the end ofthe dog emoji was the third-most used emoji in user Tinder bios. One-third of users do not have a dog yet. For each profile, singles fill out a profile on themselves and, if they have one, another for their dog with up to six photos along with basic info like where you work, went to school and the size of your dog.

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Users can scan through unlimited profiles, but Isaacson wanted to slow users down by sending a batch of five profiles at a time. The app also includes tips and tricks from veterinarians and trainers on how to introduce dogs to one another and to new situations. And it pulls up a list of nearby dog-friendly date locations, ranging from dog parks and hiking trails to pet-friendly breweries and restaurants, which is helpful because….

For venture capitalist Jesse Beyroutey, Must love pets singles, the most eye-opening moment of any new courtship is when he introduces his love interest to Chili, his 2-year-old Chihuahua-Pomeranian-Poodle-Terrier mix. Ever since dog-friendly restaurant-bar-and-dog park Bar K opened in Kansas City, Missouri, Caldwell has been bringing first dates there to meet her dog Bowie. Beyroutey and Caldwell are far from alone in their age group.

Millennials are dating less, having less sex and marrying ificantly later than any generation before them, preferring what Helen E. Fisher, Ph. In a recent study of more than 30, people, Fisher found that millennials are spending more time and energy getting to know their potential partners before making a long-term commitment, drawing what Fisher calls a more successful map to lasting love than generations.

A recent study found that dog ownership may help shift the focus beyond the self and linked pet parenting to healthy development among millennials. Those kinds of qualities translate directly to sex appeal. And another study conducted by Dogs Trusta United Kingdom dog charity, back infound that 95 percent of participants said they would be more likely to approach a person if that person had a dog.

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Feeling fondly toward people with animals spans across generational divides—but millennials seem to take those feelings further than their predecessors. Much of the research on human-animal relationships focuses on dog parents, yet cat parents are just as attached and bonded with their pets as their canine-owning brethren.

Across-the-board, most pet parents would choose their furry housemate over a partner if push came to shove.

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Pet Life Today polled 1, participants and found that But there is good news for animal-loving couples who co-parent their furry friend. Published: January 31, View all in be inspired. View all in be generous. Lauren Caldwell was dating a really attractive man. Illustrations by Ashley Santoro. By: Sara Ventiera. How this Minnesota couple met will have you believing in love at first bark. Featured Products. Related Posts. Find out exactly how pet parents are

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Puppy love: owning a pet – especially a dog – can make you more attractive