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Online dating sites are a common way people seek romance. But what if, instead of a potential match, you find a scammer? Today, t he FTC announced a lawsuit against Match. But the person whose eye you caught? Match had already identified many of them as likely scammers. The people who then Match com scammer list in response to these messages could have been exposed to scammers.

The FTC says that practice is unfair, placing people at risk of romance scams so that Match could make more money. FTC data show that romance scams are on the rise. Watch this video to learn more about romance scams. Match com scammer list was a paid customer of Match. If you think you encountered a romance scammer on an online dating site, report it to the website and to ftc.

Thank you to whoever launched this lawsuit. Deceptive practices when my subscription expires, MANY profiles on there are clearly fake and set up by Match. Interesting how just a few days before your subscription is about to expire you get notifications of interest that are clearly fake. I could go on and on. I want to know how I can add feedback to this lawsuit. I have run across scammers. I applaud the FTC for taking action, but this needed to happen years ago.

I ed Match thinking that it was a legitimate way of meeting my future spouse, which I suppose was naive. It's not the fake scammers online that you never meet aside from exchanging s that customers need to worry about -- it's the scammers that you meet in real life, who are out for money, vacations, meals, etc. Yes, it happens to women too. Until companies find a way to carefully vet each and every member, those who online dating sites are at risk.

I was on Match and POF. I encountered several fake profiles and messages on both sites. Glad someone is taking a stance. This suit has been long awaited Thank you! It got to the point where I assumed the majority of the messages I was getting were scammers. It was so discouraging and made it tougher for me to connect with the legitimate prospects. Very time-consuming to check everyone out. The other problem is making profiles appear "active" when they're not.

It's about time that the government is really taking a hard look at these companies. As a victim, much of the information coming out in the news didn't address much of what one is seeing. Today I do not have an with Match.

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The s are stating that so and so liked you or you have a message waiting for you. How is it possible if one unscribes for a service your still getting s? This is simply wrong and hurts people financially. Such dating sites have given true criminals an avenue to hind themselves, use love, and reel in their victims and get money. I would like to see all of these companies shut down as there are truly lonely souls If you do your the lucky ones. The other thing to keep in mind is con-artists know how to beat the system Be diligentask questions, do background checks, and if no information about the person comes up you should run.

If any information that seems bad Good luck out there. I was scammed by a person s that contacted me through match. They do nothing to educate people on how scammers work - and how to spot them. Even though I cancelled my subscription I continue to get s from them just like described in the article. Minimally I believe match could have a video educating new members on scammers before they subscribe - until the video is viewed no one can up. I had no idea such evil people existed, Match com scammer list was naive.

I am thankful FTC is actively pursuing this issue. Happened to me His name he said was Frank e mailed me then took his picture off Matchbut left his profile sent me pictures that he said was he went on for 2 months until i finally told him off and deleted every thing I now am on love and seek and believe.

Same here, a man calling himself Arven Frank Williams scammed me. He too took his photo down. No doubt using a different one now. I ran all kinds of "verified" found no one nor phone s. One of the few divisions of government worthy of citizen tax dollars. Thank you so much for your consistent and valuable consumer oversight.

Had a guy friend request me- General James Antonio in Iraq. When I asked him if he was real he tried to laugh it off till I told him I have ex military friend that has a business locating people. He got HOT lol what makes me suspicious is he constantly wanting me to get a Hangouts. I have to tell you though, boy did he have a silver tongue. I sure wished he would of been real On Match. He had a good game and I fell pretty hard for him.

He urgently asked me to buy him a computer and cell phone, he said he was out of town and had his stolen. He ly sent me a link to his profile on Linkedin - that profile is still there today. I tried letting the person know on Linkedin - no response. I lost money but learned a lesson, Never Trust dating websites!!!!!! Said save 42 dollars on regular price if up today. I used my paypal and they charged the full amount. Then I disputed through paypal for the savings of 42 dollars. Then match locked my profile and won't let me on and refused to give me my Bet they do it to credit cards thinking by the time the customer realizes it's too late.

I used match a few times and I have not met a real man in person. Many of these men do not want to meet, they have incredible jobs like engineers, architect, contractors and they are always away to another countries on contracts. These are usually scammers who tried to avoid meeting in person but they Match com scammer list want money, gift cards and iTunes cards. Many of the profiles on dating websites use other people's photos. There is a way that you can find out if the photos are real or fake by searching images on google. I am happily married, but today I started getting a ton of Match s in my inbox.

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Match com scammer list

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FTC Sues Owner of Online Dating Service for Using Fake Love Interest To Trick Consumers into Paying for a Subscription