Male to female massage singapore

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Search titles only. New posts. Search forums. Log in. Thread starter JL Start date Nov 1, Ok to massage by male therapist? Maybe State Reason. are only viewable after voting. JL Active Member. Sorry if posting at wrong section, as I'm not sure where should I post this Anyway, as per subject, do you ladies mind to have massage done by a male therapist?

Reason am asking is Few months back, few of my gal friend 3 of them and I went for to Bangkok for a holiday. One of them brought us to this massage centre, whereby the massage was done by male therapist. At first I was quite hesitating about it, but in the end, as the other 3 is 'on', hence I go with the flow, and went for the massage. Massage wasn't really 'proper' as well, which in the end, I ended it within 30 mins Several weeks later, one of the gal friend The same whom also ended the session during Bangkok tripcalled me up and intro me to a male therapist who's doing outcall.

She told me she engaged his service, and his massage was really good Even better than many spa or massage centre out there. Have to say I do have some hesitation after hearing though. And wondering if I should try out again Hence starting this thread to see the opinion from the other members. Just tell her you don't feel comfortable and prefer female therapists?

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I think same for meI prefer female. Because im more conservative type and would feel weird.

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Plus sometimes male therapists strength can be more suitable for those who like hard pressure. Personally it depends on individual liking. I feel that massages are best when you are at total ease and relaxed, otherwise it defeats the purpose too. If manage to find a price reasonable and good skilled masseur its a win win! I will feel very uneasy. I remembered I went to Shanghai few years back and went for massage. I did ear candling followed by massage. The shop asked me is it OK for the male therapist to do the full body for me.

Straight away I said no. But they told me they can arrange a female therapist, however they are short of staff, therefore they will get a male therapist to do the ear candling for me. I didn't know that the ear candling came with free shoulder massage. I feel very uncomfortable especially when you are not wearing anything and just covered by a big towel lying on the massage bed.

Goosebumps all come out. That kind of feelings damn sour. If you are not prepared and is uncomfortable, u better think twice before engaging a male therapist. Anyway are u married? Do u feel a guilt when the male therapist touch your body? If u are married, do u think your husband would mine? Dont create a fire, cos it might burn out of control.

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JL said:. Thanks for the response.

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Even shoulder massage by male is uncomfortable for you Can expect a firm no for a male to massage your body then For me, I'm actually quite fine with such. That time when I went Bangkok for that massage, I was quite hesitating either. But to be honest, the male therapist is quite good. At least the pressure is there Just that he started to go 'other way', which shocked me That's why I stopped the massage halfway through One of my friend came out 10mins later after I'm out One ended 60 mins also While another, was inside for more than 1.

So well, I guess there's 'something' on going If not cause of my friend recommended me, I doubt I will go for massage by male again For me if there is special kind of service i would never go for it. QIANX2 said:. Why wan to invite unnecessary trouble. I dont think I will allow a male massage therapist Things can go wrong n it will b too late 2 regret n it will b all d "had i known" Yes, one can always said no 2 special service, but what if he doesnt take no 4 an answer?

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Den wat? Not for me, even foot massage by male I feel uncomfortable already Happen to come across this article. Yes, y want to pay to be touch by another man. Some people don't think, when thing happen then regret. If fully clothed on, depends. It must not be behind a closed door. Just to share a bad experience I had several years ago.

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I went to this foot massage somewhere in orchard, then they offered body massage too. After a evening workout, I thought I may try it. Feeling assured as there is one female therapist. And the boss also female. After I've changed almost naked except with a towelthe female boss and the female therapist decided to knock off from work! The female boss assured me the male therapist are equally professional! I had no choice since I am already in the room. I was quite doubtful but the massage started off fine but as he go on, he started to breathe heavily.

I quickly halted the massage and ask him to leave. I am only okay with foot massage by male therapist. Tried twice, once in JBthe other in Bangkok. Other than foot, I do not allow touching other parts of my body. I am the conservative type, male therapist is a no no for me. I will not feel comfortable at all.

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Male to female massage singapore

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