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Life’s Abundance Dog Food & Supplements for Dogs

Like us, our furry friends can’t possibly get enough vitamins and minerals from food alone for best health. We want only the best for our dogs so we feed and supplement with Life’s Abundance and have had great results doing so. Life’s Abundance dry dog food and one-two treats a day, depending on size,  is all that’s needed for optimal canine health.  Click on the images below to order your new puppy’s food and treats.  Shipping is speedy and affordable on each order!  Please order the Large or XL bag of dog food to have enough food for each month.  You will need an XL bag when they get older. There’s also lots of yummy, healthy treats to choose from as well.  The Buffalo Bully Sticks are a big hit! Life’s Abundance has exceptional quality in all their products, with only the best ingredients along with probiotics.  Please feel free to browse other items that may interest you from the links below.  Our current puppies are eating Life’s Abundance Grain Free dog food which can be purchased below.  With the sensitive stomachs the poodles often pass on to the doodles, we are recommending using a grain free food now to help with this issue that is common in all doodle puppies. Let me know if you have any questions.  🙂