Jewish boy dating catholic girl

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This was the norm for me: I was raised by two secular Jewish parents in a New Jersey suburb with a prominent Jewish population.

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I attended Hebrew school, had a bat mitzvah, lit Shabbat candles, went on Birthright. Jewish culture, thought, and ritual was and still is important to me. But once I got to college, I knew observing Judaism — and how I did so — was up to me.

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Another accepted norm for me was the Nice Jewish Boy, two of whom I dated in high school. They knew the rules of kashrut but loved trayf. I accepted that some answers were out of reach at that time, but I took what I could. She was raised Catholic.

She much preferred the warm, Episcopalian community at our college. Judaism and Catholicism colored our relationship. Months into our relationship she invited me to my very first Easter. Many of her friends including a non-binary person and two other queer women were from Canterbury, the Episcopalian campus ministry.

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I had plenty of friends who identified as culturally Jewish, but few of them ed me at Hillel on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. As in any relationship, we asked each other many questions. We discussed the concepts of heaven and hell, and tikkun olamand our ideas of God.

Virgin Mary. We explained the sacred history behind our names. And yes, we discussed with uneasy curiosity what our religions and parents, and friends had to say about a woman laying with another woman, but there were always far more interesting questions to explore.

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For example, if we had considered marriage: Would there be a chuppah? Would one of us break the glass? Would we be married by a priest in a church? I loved explaining my customs to her, and listening to her explain hers. I also loved that she loved her religion, and that made me love mine more. The Nice Jewish Boys and I shared more culturally. We, in a sense, spoke the same language.

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We had a common history, something we knew about the other before it was even spoken aloud. We explored our many questions together. I dated her because I liked her and she liked me back. We broke up after graduation. We both went on to volunteer positions serving our respective religious communities. One might look at that as us moving in polar opposite directions. I think it speaks to how similar we were in that regard, how much religion and community meant to us.

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Essentially, thanks to my time with Lucy, I came to realize how lucky I feel to be Jewish. Not as opposed to Catholic or any other religion, but just how fulfilled this connection to my religion makes me feel. Explaining my traditions to someone else reinforced to me how special I think they are.

Lucy was just beginning to learn about it, so as we talked about our respective religions, I remembered all over again why I loved everything I was telling her about. Perhaps the thing that made me feel like a better Jew is having questioned everything. We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and bring you that might interest you. Read our Privacy Policy to find out more. By Kate Hennessey. By Mia J Merrill.

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By Evelyn Frick.

Jewish boy dating catholic girl

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