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Getting laid off can have a great upside. IECthat upside led to the start of their company in May With over 96 years of experience between them in the oilfield and gas industries, Guy, Erickson, and Turnbull decided to start IEC, located in Drayton Valley, Alberta, Canada, after two of them were laid off and wondering what to do with their futures.

The logical answer lay in the gas and oil industries and the independent electric and controls industry, areas in which the men were highly trained and possessed a thorough working knowledge. The company may have started out small, but within a year it employed 12 people. Today, after five years in business, IEC employs over people and provides high-quality industrial electrical instrumentation and automentation services, primarily to the gas, oil, mining, sawmill, and commercial industries. So how did this company grow so Iec drayton valley and achieve such success?

Through good old-fashioned hard work. IEC began by working for mid-size producers.

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Bythe company started to diversify and move into different branches of the industries it served. This strategy proved advantageous for IEC because work is often inconsistent in the oil and gas industries, so servicing multiple branches of those industries keeps the company busy.

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Diversification also enables IEC to cope with negative economic trends and spurs growth even during a slow time. And, once our customers build a working relationship with us they really appreciate the strength and abilities we have to increase their production and lower or maintain their off-cost. In addition, IEC has forged close relationships with smaller oil and gas companies, such as Trident Explorations, a coal bed methane company.

IEC worked closely with Trident to help the company automate its facilities and maintain them. IEC is working very closely with Arc Resources on a Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition SCADA project — taking an existing oil facility and adding and implementing communication and equipment to enable the facility to monitor and manage its wells remotely.

The improvements in communications and equipment also Iec drayton valley enable the company to automatically report production and revenues to the appropriate agencies, all monitored in real time. To help its oil and gas customers, IEC is experimenting, at its Athabasca location, with heat cells and how to use them in facilities. Right now, the company is using a generator to power its furnace, which in turn heats the heat cell.

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The heat cell stores energy, and as the building requires heat, it draws that heat from the heat cell, so that the heat cell warms the building. IEC intends to store enough energy in the heat cell that it may sell power back to the power grid at optimal times.

The company implemented lean production in the second quarter of to improve its services and processes. The fluctuating economy has forced IEC to review its processes and find ways to provide steady and reliable yet cost-effective service to its customers. For example, the cost of oil was quite high recently. As a result, IEC searched for ways to maintain a steady cost to its customers. Now that oil prices have dropped, the company is looking for ways to increase production and lower operational costs.

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Iec drayton valley

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