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I first knew I wanted to date my current boyfriend when I made a Sherlock reference to him and he responded by throwing a Doctor Who reference back. Being a teenager in love is hard enough, but throw in the added pressure of feeling socially sidelined, of being unable to find your place in the high school hierarchy, or, worst of all, of finding it impossible to meet someone who understands your video game references, and you can start to understand why geeks have it so rough.

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Add to Bag. Which makes sense, considering he spends hours and hours a day playing video games, often at the expense of doing homework, spending time with his family, and making actual real-life friends. Until, that is, Jaxon randomly meets a beautiful girl who agrees to go on a date with him. And what better place to do it than at a panel featuring their favorite reclusive comic book writer at New York Comic Con? He manages to get tickets and begins planning the most important convention of his life—but as anyone who has ever I love nerd to a con can tell you, even the best-laid plans can pretty quickly go awry.

Bookishly Ever Afterby Isabel Bandeira Fellow readers, have you ever had difficulty finding a romantic partner in real life who can compete with your favorite fictional crushes? So she does what she does best: turns to her favorite books for advice. Or maybe she has been one for years, but until high school no one had the heart to tell her.

Guy in Real Lifeby Steve Brezenoff Nothing says love like crashing your bike into a drunk guy in the middle of the night. So begins the love affair of Lesh and Svetlana, two high school students who exist well outside of the popular crowd.

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Lesh is a metalhead who has recently taken to playing MMOs with a hot female avatar named Svetlana…coincidence? The two never should have crossed paths, but after their fateful bike accident Lana finds herself sitting with Lesh at lunch to avoid the advances of leering classmates.

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Lunch le to friendship, which le to…do I really need to tell you? Geek love ensues. All Trixie wants is a complete set of Doctor Who figurines and to finally displace the obnoxious Ben West as the third smartest person in her graduating class.

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Her not-so-friendly rivalry with Ben becomes even more heated when their two best friends begin dating, meaning the two start having to spend way too much time together. Ana is prepared for her team to dominate at the quiz bowl semifinals. Hey, love blossoms in the strangest of places, including a convention center filled with Darth Vaders and Harry Potter characters.

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I'm a Science Nerd Who Gamed Dating and Found the Love of My Life