How to not fall in love so easily

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Do you fall in love hard and fast? Me too. I once went exclusive with a boyfriend in one weekend and a month later we even went away on a romantic European vacation. And were we really happy and in love? Not quite.

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We broke up a month later. Falling head over feels at record speed is usually the M. Which is why taking things slowly and establishing boundaries are important to do when you first start to date someone. Be honest with yourself. Checking in with yourself, especially during the first few months of dating someone new, is crucial to keeping your head straight. Create boundaries. Boundaries are important for every relationship, which is why establishing them as soon as possible is beneficial for the longevity of your relationship.

Plus, it helps to keep your heart in check. Taking time apart is not only healthy, but will also help you get perspective on the direction of the relationship. In the beginning of a relationship, seeing each other once or twice a week is both normal and healthy.

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Check in with your friends and family. Your loved ones know you best. Every couple of weeks or so, check in with them and talk to them about your relationship.

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Try not to get defensive. Remember, this is supposed to help you. Recognize the red flags.

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Being able to see and take note of red flags is a huge thing, especially in new relationships. But no one is perfect. Be the captain of your emotions. In the end, no one can control your emotions but yourself. And you can control your emotions.

Though we tend to think that feelings, like love, can hit us from out of the blue, we can choose how we regulate our feelings. Start by seeing the bigger picture of your relationship—have you two just started dating?

How well do you know this person? What do you think causes you to fall hard and fast? Love is a wonderful thing. Remember: slow and steady wins the race. More from The Date Mix. Subscribe to our newsletter Please enter a valid address.

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How to not fall in love so easily

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I Think I Fall In Love Too Easily: How Can I Stop?