How to delete photos of me on facebook

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Disclosure: Your support helps keep the site running! We earn a referral fee for some of the services we recommend on this. Learn more. We live in a world where almost everyone knows almost everything about everyone else. Think about it; if you wanted to know what Brad Pitt was wearing last weekend or where he likes to hang out, there is a good chance you can find it online. If you want to know about almost every scandal in Washington current and past, you can look that up, too.

Look at how easy that was!

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With the information age truly upon us, there is very little you can hide without being discovered by a motivated browser. It is fascinating, but also a little disconcerting. What if someone shares an unflattering photo or downright wrong information? Had you looked through their Twitter and Facebook s back then, you would have found that all posts had been deleted they are, however, back up again now.

It was speculated that the band attempted to drum up curiosity and market their next album release. Whatever the reasons, it is an excellent high-profile example to show you that you can try to delete yourself from the internet. In theory, yes, it is quite possible to delete yourself from the internet.

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But how long do you think it will take to ensure that there is absolutely no How to delete photos of me on facebook of you online? It will take a lot of work. To give you just a slight scope of what is involved, here is a list of the things you will have to scrub:. These are just a few of the things that you would need to delete completely. Imagine you are a popular person with a lot of activity online and on your social media s.

How would you stop people from tagging you on images or memes? Image Via Pixabay. While you can delete your Facebook and all the images it had of you in it, you will be hard pressed to find those images if your friends had downloaded and saved them on their local drives. They can easily repost them and tag you in them again. Just like Radiohead tried and faileddeleting yourself from the internet is a Herculean task. Yes, you can delete yourself from the internet, but it will take a lot of work and a lot of time. And, in some cases, a lawyer. But it can be done. The reasons why anyone would want to permanently delete themselves from the internet are plentiful; almost as numerous as the people online.

Of course, it is all subjective, but some of the most common reasons include:. Whatever your reason, deleting images, posts, and other information about yourself from the internet is not a quick fix. It is something you will have to constantly work at for quite a long time. Years, even! Also, most people who try to do it themselves go about it in the wrong way. There are a few rules you should know about how the internet works as it pertains to deleting information such as photos and other data. Many people assume because an unflattering photo is showing up in a Google search, you can just petition Google to take it down.

However, Google is a search engine, which means that it shows images and information from other websites. To permanently delete whatever unflattering piece of data showing up in a Google search, you need to go to the original source. This means if you find an unflattering photo or an article defaming you, then you need to have it deleted from the host website, which may be a blog or a news site. This requires talking to the webmaster or site owner. Reaching out to Google for help will not get it done. Once the original webmaster takes it down, Google and other search engines will gradually filter that information out of their search.

According to their removal policies and guidelinesGoogle can remove images if they contain sensitive personal information that may lead to identity theft such as pictures of your ature, credit card s, or nude images posted by someone else. If you want Google to remove an image or piece of information from the searchthen you will need to show just cause. Most of the information or images many of us find unflattering online are on social networks because we voluntarily posted them.

Therefore, it is essential to carefully think about what you post online because if you want it taken down, you will have to talk to the individual webmasters. You will also have to come up with an excellent reason as to why they should grant your request to take it down. Remember, these people are not obligated to take down that content. But if you ask nicely sometimes you may have to pay moneythey might consider it. There are very few ventures that will test your patience in the face of so many rejections and non-responses as trying to take down an unflattering image or video online will.

You have to keep speaking up and keep ing webmasters if you want to see progress.

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With that being said, here are the necessary steps to take if you want to see yourself, things, and photos permanently deleted from the internet. The GDPR General Data Protection Regulation is a group of laws deed to give citizens of the European Union more control over the personal data websites including social media platforms collect and store about their users.

These laws cover a lot, but the end result is that websites must:. As many sites are moving to become GDPR compliant, deleting yourself from the internet is getting easier. However, it is still a long, arduous process. Looking for ways to delete an embarrassing or unflattering photo off of the internet? Or, maybe taking down photos of yourself is the first to going off-grid. Regardless of the reason, it can take a lot of work and may even be impossible, depending upon where the photo is or who posted it.

If the photo you want gone is on Facebook, the first thing you need to know is who posted it — you or someone else? Then follow the steps below. The best case scenario is that you posted the photo, which means you can easily delete them. Most of the time when you want How to delete photos of me on facebook photo taken down, someone else posted it. So what are your options? However, if the photo is inappropriate or being used to bully you, they will remove the photo if you report it as such.

You will see a list of options, choose the one that best fits your problem. Or, you can remove the tag so your name is no longer associated with the photo. What if the image you want to be removed is on Instagram? Once again, the steps for removal depend on who posted the photo.

Start by seeing what photos you are tagged in, then you can choose to untag, block, or report the photo. Deleting your own photo from Twitter is simple. If someone else posted a picture of you, you can attempt to have it removed. If the user consistently engages in abusive behavior, you can submit a report directly to Twitter with supporting evidence.

Many people run across images of themselves in the search engine and think they can just message Google to take down any offending photos or other data about you. As we have already mentioned, deleting yourself from the Internet is quite possible, but it is an extremely difficult task.

That is because it takes a lot of time, resources, and plenty of patience to accomplish. However, if you are dedicated, it can be done. If you are ready, take a seat and read our step-by-step guide for deleting all the data about yourself from the internet. If you are looking to scrub yourself completely from the internet, you will first need to find all the places in which your name, image, and information appear.

This process requires a massive amount of work, and even then, you might not be able to find it all. Searching your name on Google will give you a long list of the places you appear. You will then have to click on all the search we are talking about going deep into the th on Google and more to see exactly what it is you need to remove. Image via Pixabay. Realistically, this is a task you probably cannot do alone. For this very reason, most people hire identity management companies that can help with this sort of thing.

They have the resources, skills, and manpower to get it done comprehensively and more efficiently How to delete photos of me on facebook you can do by yourself. Once you have a full list of websites that have information about you that you want to be removed from the internet, the next thing to do is start contacting the respective webmasters in control of the content.

If it is your and you run it, say for example your FacebookYouTube channel or Twitter, then you can easily just delete the unwanted content because you retained all the rights to it. After that, you have to hope that no one downloaded it or has already posted it somewhere else. If, and this is often the case, you do not own the website on which your unwanted content is hosted, then you need to find the webmaster.

Google has a comprehensive guide on how to find webmasters online. While most websites are run by huge corporations who often have editors and content managers who are in charge of their online presence, most sites are run by individuals who may not be so easy to identify.

If it is a blog, you can find the owner, but if it is a commercial website, then you might need to settle for a specific department. The trick is to track down the right person to speak to, or at least the right department. The best person to talk to is someone who has authority over the content and site and is tech-savvy enough to act on your request immediately. The problem is that sometimes you will find people who either do not know how to remove the unwanted content or do not have the authority to do so.

It will often provide you with the right person to speak to about removing your unwanted content. If for whatever reason you cannot speak to an actual person always persistently shoot for this then the next best thing would be to the webmaster or developer. However, if you cannot find their try a standard employee format such as [ protected] or [ protected].

You can try guessing it until one goes through.

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Unless you have a solid case, in which case you can petition Google to take down content from their end, then your only other option is to ask nicely. You will need to be eloquent, respectful, and persistent. Make a compelling argument and remember they are doing you a favor by removing the content.

If they say no for what it is worth, many webmasters will say no then try and understand their reasons for denying your request. Once you hear their side of things, present them with alternatives, such as:. If you get turned down flat by one person, try How to delete photos of me on facebook else at the company. You can even go as high as the CEO. It is all about persistence. It is always a good idea to formally transcribe this kind of request even if you intend to speak to a real person.

An will give you something you can use as a reference or grounds for a lawsuit later. Remember to keep a clear record of all the people you speak with about your content and maintain proper management of the list.

Sometimes this takes quite a while. The next best thing you can do is request Google to update their search. Screenshot via Google Webmaster Tools. Then give Google an excellent reason for the search result update request. The will then give you directions to follow. Once you submit that request, Google will get back to you with their decision within 48 hours.

First, we need to mention this solution is not for those who are looking to permanently delete themselves from the internet. Instead, it is only for those who want to better manage their online reputation. In the real world, it is almost impossible to delete all your unwanted information from the internet.

For most people, it simply requires too many resources. If you cannot get all the associated webmasters to take down the unwanted content and you do not have proper grounds to petition Google, then the next best thing would be to overshadow the bad with the good gradually. For most people, the reason why they want their content deleted is because they are worried about their reputation. If that is the case, you can flood the internet with good content about yourself and push that bad content to the third or fourth of Google, where no one is likely to see it.

This way, when someone searches for your name, the very first things they will see will be the good that you have flooded the internet with in due course. Of course, the bad will still be there, and if someone wants to find it, they will find it. As the joke goes, the best place to hide a body is on the second of the Google search — where no one looks.

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Like trying to scrub the internet of all your harmful content or yourself entirely, managing your online reputation will also take time, patience, and persistence. Pursuing a legal route should be the very last resort. Suing webmasters can get costly because there are so many, and most of them have a network of other webmasters and people who will be eager to publish the details of your lawsuit on their websites.

How to delete photos of me on facebook

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Can You Delete Yourself From The Internet? Yes, In 7 Steps Or Less