How are aquarius men

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Aquarius is ruled by Uranusthe planet that governs innovation and unexpected events, and Saturn, the planet of restriction, structure and pessimism. Aquarius is an Air known for ethereal thinking and spirituality, but is also a Fixedmeaning they tend to be traditionalists who fight for their beliefs.

The Aquarius man is as alluring as he is confusing. Despite what the name suggests, Aquarius despises conventionality. Symbolized by a Water Bearer — the mystical healer who brings water, or life, to the land — Aquarius loves to give back. He hates being boxed in, making him hard to read and, at times, even harder to understand. But these men are visionaries, always thinking of the big picture, and often forgetting to focus on what surrounds them in the present. Aquarius men are notorious for leading bachelor lifestyles.

Eccentric and marching to the beat of their own drum, it takes someone extra patient and understanding to tie down an Aquarius male. But with his absurd sense of humor and an intellect, he charms just about anyone often multiple people at once.

But free-spirited Aquarius hates to feel tied down, so he needs plenty of space for independence, especially when in a relationship. However, his caring, sensitive side will always be there for you if needed. He has trouble communicating his true feelings, making him appear uncomfortable and disconnected.

With Aquarius compatibilitythis man is most compatible with fellow Air s Libra and Gemini, and Fire s Aries and Sagittarius. Aquarius has a high libido and desire for sex, but tends to be more focused on the bigger picture of saving the world, meaning they can go a long time without intimacy like this. Sex with him is full of trying new things and experimentation.

The Aquarian How are aquarius men is a humanitarian, a problem-solver, and a deep-thinker who is independent, free-spirited, eccentric and creative. But this intellectual zodiac is also assertive, radical, aloof, distant, stubborn, self-righteous, and overly ambitious. Their thirst for learning new things also means they frequently come up with new, unique ideas, and have no qualms about voicing their opinions and subsequently defending them.

Aquarius is also incredibly creative and free-spirited, and tends to think about things on a different level than most people. But Aquarius also has a dark sidejust like the other s of the Zodiac. He acts before he thinks, and does so in a way that will prevent others from holding him back.

Even if they are wrong, they How are aquarius men fight tooth and nail to defend themselves. Desk jobs and boardrooms are not the arena he aspires to. Aquarius men see these kinds of careers as oppressive to their individuality. Their creativity cannot be stifled by any job.

Aquarius flourishes in roles where creativity and mental stimulation are prioritized. Their unmatched charisma means they can charm their way to the top of the business ladder, attracting investors and schmoozing bosses into giving them raises. Idealistic and intellectual, Aquarius wants to solve problems and bring joy and peace to a large scale audience.

Their profession is often unexpected, forging their own paths via their careers. Good career choices for Aquarius include working to advocate for social change, advancing artistic movements, curing untreatable illness, or lending time to charitable organizations. Always focused on society as a whole, Aquarius can forget to show empathy and consideration on a micro-level. This means they can be guilty of seeming aloof when it comes to family, fearing vulnerability.

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But this is little more than an act. In reality, they will do anything for their loved ones, expecting the same in return. Since they have strong views and opinions, Aquarius d can expect a lot from their children. The early years might not fascinate intellectual Aquarius, but making his children into young prodigies will be the focus of this dad when his kids can walk and talk.

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His humanitarian interests mean he will be invested in their education and making sure his little humans have a positive impact on society. But he's also able to let loose as a parent and be playful and silly. Because they are resistant to showing vulnerability and expressing their feelings, it will take time for them to welcome new people into their social circle.

But Aquarians make great friends; they are selfless, and will do whatever it takes to help their friends. Ideal friends for Aquarius are people who are creative, honest, fun, intellectual, and care about human issues. Friendship for Aquarius should be filled with doing new activities, expanding their horizons, learning things about a variety of topics, and fighting for the good of the world.

As compassionate and caring as Aquarius man can be, speaking his thoughts is not one of his best traits. Because of this, he can seem pretty distant sometimes. But don't let it fool you. These guys care a lot about you, they just may not say it.

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Knowing that verbal communication of his feelings may not be his forte, be careful with what you say if you're upset with him. These guys really do take it to heart. If you're angry that he didn't call you back and say something like "don't ever call me again," he's probably not going to. So, be patient and know that you need to be strong and secure.

When an Aquarius man is single, he's ready to mingle. However, a lot of the time he feels like it's hard to really connect on a deeper level and he's a deep kind of person.

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So, if he's not feeling a solid relationship, he's not going to be in it. If you've been seeing an Aquarius man and he's not feeling your new relationship, he probably won't say a word. Most likely, he'll just ghost you. Why can't he just be clear? Well, it's just not in his nature to deal with these kinds of awkward situations, so give him a little break, move on, and don't think much of it. As social and exciting an Aquarius guy can be, because he's in his head all the time when it comes to his feelings, he needs alone time to decompress and process those things on his own.

Don't take offense; there are probably times when you don't want to be around anyone either. Make sure you're giving him enough alone time to do whatever he wants, no questions asked. Aquarius is stubborn. Like, really stubborn. If he thinks that something is right or you're wrong, in his mind, that's just going to be that way. End of story. That can be really annoying to someone on the outside, understandably, so the best thing to do in that situation is to understand that's just how he is, and make the decision just to agree to disagree.

Even though he's in his head all the time and is stubborn, the one thing that's undeniable is that he really does listen to you, through and through, and cares while he's doing it. Because he's insanely tuned into his surroundings, always absorbing everything, his interest in you is never feigned. Run with that, because it's hard to come by. It should come as How are aquarius men surprise that many highly creative, free-thinking celebrities are Aquarius men.

Zodiac Aquarius is most attracted to fiery Sagittarius because of all their similarities and common values. Sagittarius is positive, free-spirited, interested in knowledge, and loves adventure, just like Aquarius.

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Sagittarius and Aquarius are also both creative, and are a great match spiritually and mentally. It will take some time for Aquarius to make his move, but your chances are greatly increased if you possess these qualities. He will devote his time and attention to what you have to say, but be reticent to share his own thoughts.

But take his non-verbal cues as s that he's in it to win it. Kayla Cavanagh is a YourTango writer and editor who focuses on pop culture, astrology, quotes, and relationship topics. in. YourTango Experts. Kayla Cavanagh. People who are born between January 20 and February 18 have an Aquarius Sun. Subscribe to our newsletter. now for YourTango's trending articlestop expert advice and personal horoscopes delivered straight to your inbox each morning.

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How are aquarius men

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