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Toggle. It's not as easy as it seems. By: Nicole Kylie. Chinese New Year is coming, which means it's time to prepare for the usual barrage of personal questions like, "When are you getting married ah?

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While this partner-for-hire thing blurs the line between an honest part-time job and being an escort, its popularity proves that there is a demand for it. So, to see what it's like to become a girlfriend or boyfriend -for-hire, we've decided to track down one, and we actually did. She is 23 and she is your average university student.

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She studies full-time and works part-time to pay for part of her tuition fees. She works as a girlfriend. During festive seasons, she often has at least to three events to attend in a week. There have been times where she has found herself with only one event a week, or sometimes, none at all.

But when she does have an event, she charges up to RM per hourdepending on the type of event. We did the math: on an average, she can rake up to RM21, a year, for attending three-hour events.

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Phoebe acknowledges the negative connotations that come with the job, hence, she has not told anyone in her family about her job. A girlfriend-for-hire is not an escort, sugar baby or prostitute.

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I make it very clear that there is strictly no unnecessary touching. That is why I am very careful with who I agree to go out with, what I wear, and what time I end my job for the day. Depending on how busy the rest of the week will be, in terms of my job, I might head to the hair saloon to get my hair or nails done. Not a lot of people have events on Mondays. I never take up events on Tuesdays unless they are willing to pay extra. Girlfreind for hire I usually do on this day is set a meet-up with my fake 'boyfriend' to get the low down of things.

Like, what to say to who, what not to say and how to act. Phoebe says this is the part of the 'job' she enjoys the most. I really enjoy this part because I get to come up with some really wacky stuff. Sounds like something from a rom-com.

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Super crazy but it seemed like she bought it! When asked about her persona, she tells us that she doesn't make up her name, age, where and what she is studying, that kind of thing. And face busy-body aunties. Also because I love maggi goreng! Because I have a soft spot for old people, I gave him a discount! I really just wanted to see his grandma happy.

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So I just take this time to get into the right frame of mind. She may not be me! She either goes to the gym or meet up with friends for coffee. This guy brought me for a Christmas gathering and since then, his family kept asking where I was. And because Chinese New Year is just around the corner, she tells us that her calendar is pretty much fully booked, especially on weekends. But she sternly tells us that she doesn't just accept any requests that come her way. That is why I prefer to take up jobs from friends or their friends — people I know or can trust, at least. And I enjoy the fact that the timing is pretty flexible and I get paid to meet new people!

And luckily, I can wear the same cheongsam at all the events," she laughs. Looks like being a partner-for-hire is a pretty lucrative job. Not to mention, there is an increasing demand for such things! Entertainment Bang, Bang, Bang! Girlfreind for hire Lifestyle. News Panda-stic News!

Girlfreind for hire

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'I Am A Girlfriend-For-Hire, And Here's My Experience Being One'