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And what about swimming in the ocean, riding a bike or going to the cinema? I was so shocked I forgot to say it back. I hung around with a lot of Christian girls in high school and they were adamant about not dating anyone. A year ago I was on a date with a guy and we were at his place watching a movie and he put his arm around me — I immediately said I had to go.

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In real life, they can be pretty toxic. I believe in the butterfly effect — once you do something, it sets you up for a different track in life. I come from a family of bookworms. I remember a lot of Saturday afternoons spent with my brother and parents going in and out of bookshops when I was. I actually went to university and read English language and linguistics.

When I was growing up it might have stalled my vocabulary a little, but there are other means of learning things. My main interest is cooking — I feel the same escapism in the kitchen that I imagine a lot of other people find in reading a book. I love being outside, walking, sitting in the garden, painting, drawing and photography.

As I just never really had the opportunity; my family was First kiss college in other social stuff. We went to lots of museums. I felt unique — it was something different from everyone else. One Tuesday in June inI fell down playing cowboys and indians in the school playing fields. I was eight years old, and I broke my arm so badly that I was in hospital for two weeks.

For the next 18 months after that, I was in and out of hospital having physiotherapy. Because of that I never got on a bike.

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I was scared of breaking my arm again, it was that bad. I was always nervous playing football, too. After I passed my driving test I was able to drive all over the country, and I go everywhere by car.

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I use a breathing machine at night. I also never learned to swim. I hated the water, it made me cough and splutter.

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I used to sit on the side watching as people splashed about with their girlfriends in the water. I missed out on a lot of fun. When I was five, I had a game for the Wii called Endless Ocean and it was like a swimming simulator — you would learn about different marine animals, like dolphins.

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I was amazed by it and I always wanted to go to the ocean. We live fairly close to a lake, so in the summer we go there and nowhere else.

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Seeing the sea is a goal that I strive towards. I know people who complain about going on vacation. The Observer Life and style. Amelia Tait. Topics Life and style The Observer Relationships features. Reuse this content.

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