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By Chris Seiter. I have been doing this for a really long time and the one thing that has become clear to me is that even if you have the best laid plans your ex can do something to completely screw your plans up. Yeah, absolutely! So, today we have Christine Hassler. Who is actually a Texas native like me. I just found out. Like a really big deal. Thank you! Itunes is the place to be.

No, but you run the podcast over and on with it. So, I wanted to give you a little opportunity to let the people listening kind of know what your podcast is about and then we can just take it from there.

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Yeah, so, man, So much to talk about. And I think a lot of us in America are in that right now but it is when one of three things happen. Everything from getting sick to getting dump to getting laid off to getting a really bad parking ticket. Everybody wants to write about happiness and success and love and all those things but as a life coach and spiritual councilor for the past 12 years and as definitely a student of life myself. I have seen that the greatest transformation becomes available when someone is disappointed.

Like what? That we seek help and that we start to look within and sometimes it takes a few expectation hangovers because you know when they first happen, we just want to get through them. This was all coming off the heels with having this massively successful career in Hollywood and when I found myself literally on my bathroom going wtf and Dating your ex christine I want to be here anymore I went— I had an insight and the insight was.

And that was sobering and I knew that I could either become a victim of my circumstances or I could really start asking. And I absolutely love your attitude because people are so resistant to change. They have this coping strategies. This is something that a lot of the women who listen to my podcast are going through.

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They are resistant to change. Dating your ex christine just kind of get broken down by it. And one of the biggest wake up calls that we have, I think especially women but I think just as much as men in a lot of ways is heart break. Because we put so much into that and we often without even realizing attach so much of our worth and our happiness onto being in a relationship, being chosen, being with somebody and it becomes so much of an identity. And I say this with absolutely zero againstness towards men.

I love men! Men are amazing! And men are supporting women more than ever and I think we need to keep that conversation positive but one of the things that I think women are learning, myself included is not to source our okayness or our worthiness in relationship. A lot of teachers that teach masculine and feminine say that men prioritize purpose and women prioritize relationship. And as a woman I have to say that I prioritize equally, purpose and relationship.

And this is a time when so many of us are really stepping into our purpose and sometimes we may need, like a break from relationship to be Dating your ex christine to do that. So, I know you ask me just how people deal with expectations in general but I really wanted to talk about the relationship side because I think so many women really deal with that. So, that you connect with that voice of compassion and unconditional love. And yes, cry your tears.

You know one of the biggest, I guess I could call it mistakes, people make when dealing with an expectation hangover especially in terms of heartbreak is they end up closing their heart. They think that just because the relationship is over, love is lost.

And so, how can you keep your heart open instead of trying to get through the expectation hangover by forming walls around your heart? Yes, we need to be discerning about who we choose to be in relationship with, for anything from romantic to friendship, even to family relationships. However, we do not need to close down or protect our heart. Keeping it open is how we feel more into that love and how we attract more love in our life. A really great points here and one thing I also wanted to mention or I guess I want to get your take on it because you have such a unique way of looking at things.

Now, what do you think?

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But I always err on the side of you know, we are all here to really have a healthy and complete relationship with ourselves first and foremost. And I believe also in a relationship with a higher power. That can be anything from nature to Jesus.

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So, that to me has to be our first priority. And so we really have to take a step back and go. And it takes two people to really work on a relationship. Some relationships have an expiration date. And look more on like. From my mom or my dad or was it both? And how am I dating in order to get that? And how am I trying to heal my childhood wounds through dating and through relationships? And how can I go and work on those and heal those?

Because the biggest thing Chris, that I see is that people are dating as 5 year olds, as 8 year olds, as 10 years olds, as 14 years olds. You know what I mean? This even happened for me. I was like the nerdy girl who like never got asked out—. Totally, totally! And so I always was going after like that popular, unavailable guys you know? Even as a grown up, as 32 years old, coming out of my divorce and like I wanted to date like that popular guy.

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Going off on so many tangents. No, I love it completely because a lot of what I try to tell people is in the same line of thinking. And relationships can be a distraction for that because you need to put in the time, you need to have some type of alone time. And that could be probably a problem too for people who are constantly in relationships. Now, I want to ask you, someone who is that type of person who jumps from relationships to relationship to relationship, how can they break that type Dating your ex christine a bad habit?

We all want love and we all want to feel safe. Let me bookmark the word alone. Remind me to come back to that Chris. Ok perfect! Oh my god and as lame as it sounds, I used to do the same thing, except the moon. Every person is a soul mate to us. What are the themes? Give yourself 6 months. Work with a coach. Work with a counselor. Get involved in personal development work and take an honest look about the kind of relationship you actually want and the kind of partnership that you actually desire.

Like we can attract people based on our issues. Well, that also has a stigma. I think that people especially women, often believe that life is better in a relationship. Fun fact about me. I was single, I think 5 or 6 years before I met my wife. All of those kinds of things. They become the person we do everything with.

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And also, maybe take a break from the whole like bumbling and tindering and OkCupiding and all of those things and continuing to just like find and seek and all of those things. Go do your life and do things that you love to do without any attachment to finding that person. And I guess, somewhat to switch gears and talk a little bit about that now because what is your view on online dating?

Are you for or against it? Are you kind of indifferent to it?

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Yeah, you know. Me too. Yeah, I like Instagram. I mean just in all aspects. So, I think that it all depends on your energy toward it. Then I have a much different experience. I had a woman, she was a dating coach, she came on my show early in this morning, Battista. How about that? I had no clue. She was nicest, nicest woman but she was talking about like selection. So, of course to get your take on it, I guess, what is your opinion on how someone should select the perfect partner? Should they just try to figure out what they want before they do it or is there some other special magic trick to it?

Dating your ex christine

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