Best unique love songs

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Love is a great and wonderful thing, but it's also totally complicated. Some of the best love songs of all time would have you believe that love only exists in three basic forms — pining for it, having it, or Best unique love songs the loss of it. But in reality, romantic relationships take on far more complex forms and have ups, downs, twists, turns, and a vast array of emotions which your standard radio-friendly jam can't always express.

But thankfully, there happens to be a wide assortment of songs that express those very things. If you're looking for a playlist of unique love songswhich may in some ways understand the complications of your heart, then these 16 songs may be able to do just that. While some of these songs take a different songwriting approach to talk about the basics of love — the heartaches, the butterflies, and the unions, others discuss subjects not often commanded by your standard love song. From delving into the mundane nuances of loneliness, the power of emotional agency, or the anxiety of feeling fearful of falling for someone, these songs highlight some of the more uncharted musical territories of the heart in a special way.

Since its release in"Such Great Heights" remains an indie love classic. Whimsical, upbeat, and sorrowful all at once, this alt-pop triumph from is simultaneously perfect for every single intense phase of love — the ups and the downs. It's absolutely gorgeous.

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Taken from their Sports EP, "Curling" might not be the happiest of love songs, but it's certainly one of the most empowering. Perfect for playing at those times in a relationship when you're totally over itthe song proudly celebrates discovering the perspective and strength necessary to finally move the hell on from someone. Smith wasn't exactly known for his love songs, but "Say Yes" stands out from the rest of his back catalogue as being his most uplifting and romantic track. Admittedly the '80s were so stacked with unique love songs that the era probably deserves its own playlist, but "The Killing Moon" is easily the best of its kind from back then.

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Mystical, majestic, and almost unbearably poetic in its dark romanticism, the song is savage yet seductive. Unique for its sweeping, down-tuned melodies juxtaposed with Buckley's ethereal, high voice, "So Real" is a loved up daydream of a song which dissolves into an anxious, frenzied breakdown right before the finale.

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It's truly haunting. There are few words that could ever do this deeply unusual song justice, so I recommend that you just let you ears discover it on their own. Featuring the supreme vocal talents of PJ Harvey, "Henry Lee" is a murder ballad of which Cave is well-known telling the story of a desire gone truly foul. Despite the violent subject matter, the song still manages to sound sumptuous, sincere, and heartfelt in its aggressive attempts at seduction.

Addressing the spaces and moments in which there is no one to pine for or give love to, "All The Night Without Love" is a breathtaking song about the true depths that loneliness can take. So deliriously upbeat, full of boss rhymes, and pure in its sentiment, "Eye Know" is by far the greatest hip-hop love song ever written. Share an earbud with your honey and listen to it while holding hands, it's the best.

From the '90s, I challenge anyone to find a love song as genuinely chilling or challenging as this trip-hop classic. It has an edge, sure, but it's also bursting full of feeling. As a band, The Smashing Pumpkins were the '90s Best unique love songs of the alternative, dark love song, but "Set The Ray To Jerry" — a lesser heard b-side — is likely their best.

Featuring a sparkling guitar against a rugged bass line, it's full of all the usual angst you'd expect from the band, but with some genuine romance thrown there in too. By far one of the most earnest and heart soaring songs you're ever likely to hear, "True Love Will Find You In The End" is a raw, lo-fi gem worth cherishing.

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Strange in its simplicity and powerful in its sincerity, it remains one of the greatest contemporary alternative love songs ever written. The perfect song for listening to after enduring a breakup that maybe shouldn't have happened, or a lovers' quarrel which was beyond stupid, "Shut Up Kiss Me" is full of female dominance and emotional agency, clawing back at the remnants of a relationship for some scant moments of happiness.

Uplifting and endearing, "Just A Friend" is full of wonderful imperfections and well-phrased personality that make it a musical marvel. Telling tales of romantic woe and acting as a warning against getting involved with deceivers who tell you their lover is "just a friend," this song never fails to make me smile.

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Whether you're currently in or out of love, or stumbling somewhere in-between those two pillars, there's bound to be at least one song in the list above which will perfectly define exactly how you're feeling. Happy listening, lovers. By Amy Roberts.

Best unique love songs

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16 Unique Love Songs For Hearts With A Lot To Say