Our Story

Greetings from Minnesota~

        Welcome to our home on the web, we hope you enjoy your time spent here.  My name is Amy and I am the owner/founder of Buffalo Ridge Bernedoodles. Our family has proudly been raising Bernese Mountain Dog puppies for the past 18 years, adding the
Bernedoodle breed into our breeding program 6 years ago.  We were one of the first few Bernedoodle breeders in the US. While we still do offer occasional litters of Bernese Mountain Dog puppies for our customers, because they are so close to our hearts, our primary focus has been developing superb Bernedoodle bloodlines from our solid, well bred Bernese Mountain Dog foundation stock of 18 years.  Incorporating the two together has not been an easy task. We’ve found there are many, many poodles being bred without much thought to health or genetics.  We’ve spent tens of thousands on breeding dogs and health testing, sadly rehoming many into pet homes that didn’t meet our expectations.  But I can thankfully say we’re very happy with where we’re at today with the health and genetics of our poodle lines to bring to you some of the best bloodlines of Bernedoodles in America.

        Nestled in the heart of the Buffalo Ridge in SW Minnesota, our area is known for being one of the windiestin the nation.  We are home to 200+ wind turbines supplying electricity to many main cities throughout America.  We are also blessed with rich, fertile black soil producing many of the best crops in the country.  Our home sits on 12 acres on a rolling hillside with a nearby creek surrounded by thousands of acres of farmland giving our dogs lots of freedom to run, explore and just be happy dogs.

        Our entire family is involved in the process of raising our pups. Our children are a tremendous help in bringing you a wonderfully loved, socialized and cared for puppy.  Our college age sons Ike and Gabe help with the delivering of the pups and everyone’s hands on deck to help raise the best Bernedoodle and Bernese Mountain Dog puppies possible. Our puppies are born and raised in our home with us until it’s time for them to begin crate training then they are moved to our puppy nursery for a week or two where they have lots of room to run in and out in a safe, fenced area.  While learning where to “go potty” and developing their large muscles they are still brought into our home each day and played with and loved until they reach your home.  We’re very hands on breeders. This is so very important and makes our puppies stand out against others.  We frequently get asked if it’s hard to give our puppies away, and it is!  They’re always hard to part with, you become attached to them, but it has gotten easier over the years as we get to see the joy they bring to our new families.  It’s always very rewarding for us to receive your updates and pictures of our puppies as they grow into adulthood.  Thank you in advance for letting us continue to be a part of watching them grow.

        When we have pups available, it gets crazy busy!  Once pups arrive we get up with them every two hours to check on their well being for the first good three weeks of life.  It’s like having a newborn baby again every litter!  This is necessary to make sure they’re staying warm enough and are being taking care of well by mom.  This results in the least amount of heartaches even though it is very physically challenging.  Over the course of the next several weeks we are still constantly with our pups, watching over them, playing with them and of course seeing to all their physical needs including preventative medicines and visits from our vets.  [We like our vets to come to us to help reduce the risk of catching contagious diseases that pose risk to young pups.]  Being very hands on breeders, does unfortunately come with a couple of drawbacks.  Phone time is limited and it may take a few days to get back to you if you’re contacting us during our busy time.  I do apologize for this and thank you for your patience as we see to the many daily needs of our puppies and dogs.  I handle the phone and email conversations and do try very hard to return calls within a couple of days, but sometimes this isn’t possible especially if we start to accumulate a long list of customers to call back in a short amount of time.  I encourage everyone to email me as many general questions about our pups prior to calling to help cut down on some of the back and forth phone time.  Emails can also be sent at various free times of mine during the day/night helping to speed the process along as well.  To receive the most current up-to-date information about our puppies please subscribe to our email list on our home page.  It’s always the first to hear about new arrivals and upcoming litters along with what we post here on our site.

        Thank you for visiting and for your consideration of one of our beautiful puppies. We look forward to hearing from you. God’s blessings to you & yours!