Beautiful girl in italian

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One of the first terms everyone wants to learn how to say in Italian is beautifulbut unlike other words which have just one precise translation, this particular word can be expressed in multiple ways. Perhaps the most straightforward and recognised translation for beautiful in Italian is bello masculine.

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Hello beautiful! As is the case with many adjectives, the ending of bello changes according to the gender and of the noun it describes. When it comes after the noun, it behaves like a normal adjective:. If you want to be even more emphatic, you can add the suffix -issimo masculine to the end of bello to form the absolute superlative bellissimo. The literal English translation would be very beautiful or extremely beautiful but Beautiful girl in italian on its own can often suffice.

The feminine and plural forms are as follows: bellissima femininebellissimi masculine plural and bellissime feminine plural. Once upon a time there was a princess who lived in an enchanted world. Another way of saying bellissimo is molto bellowhich is formed by adding the adverb molto very in front of the adjective. Whereas bello and bellissimo can either precede or follow the noun they describe, molto bello must follow it as in the following example.

Lei ha un viso molto bello e un sorriso ammaliante. She has a very beautiful face and a bewitching smile. Stupendo is the masculine form, whereas stupenda is the feminine. Their respective plural forms are stupendi and stupende. Sofia Loren is a beautiful woman and a great actress!

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Some other possible translations for stupendo include wonderfulstunning and splendid. As with the other adjectives on this list, simply change the last letter to aior e to create the feminine and plural forms. Che tramonto meraviglioso che abbiamo visto! What a beautiful sunset we saw! It too can be translated using other adjectives such as wonderfulmagnificentastonishing or extraordinary.

Our final synonym for beautiful in Italian is magnifico which, as you might have guessed, means magnificent. Out of all the words listed here, I would say this one translates as beautiful the least often, but it is still a possibility. Magnifica is the feminine form, magnifici the masculine plural and magnifiche the feminine plural. Ho visto un magnifico gatto rosso con gli occhi verdi.

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I saw a beautiful orange cat with green eyes. You are beautiful.

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You are very beautiful. You are so beautiful.

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How beautiful you are. Tu sei bello a. Come sei bello a. Life is beautiful! Il mio bellissimo amore.

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This article is also available in video format on our YouTube channel. Daily Italian Words. Start here! Menu Start here! Una bella vista — A beautiful view. Una bellissima principessa — A beautiful princess. Un sorriso molto bello — A beautiful smile.

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Una donna stupenda — A beautiful woman. My beautiful love.

Beautiful girl in italian

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"beautiful girl" translation into Italian