Anyone want to fool around at a haunted house

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The most rough-and-tumble community in the Wild West, right? Nope, not even close. To compare, Tombstone had three. Having opened inthe Pioneer Saloon is officially the oldest bar in southern Nevada. Of course, if these walls could in fact talk, they might be a little miffed about the three bullet holes that pierced through their original Sears and Roebuck stamped tin perfection after the heated card game gone awry wherein one participant was caught cheating and shot dead on the spot. Or the time the bartender committed suicide behind the counter with a full lineup of patrons.

As a rule of history, what goes along with a happening boomtown? An endlessly interesting cemeteryof course. Aside from connecting out-of-town residents to ancestors buried in Goldfield, there are some seriously captivating causes of death etched on a few of the hetones, like the one pictured above. That Wild West mystique that people round the globe are after. There were ish changing stations—checkpoints that riders could stop, recharge, restock supplies, and rest their horses—peppered throughout the Silver State, but not very many of them are in existence today.

With the exception of Middlegate Stationwhich served as a Pony Express stop from and continued to thrive until surrounding mines closed. Despite people snatching up a lot of the building materials used in the original construction, the location was preserved in the s when it became the infamous bar and restaurant we so intensely cherish today.

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So, years of history going down in these digs practically begs for a poltergeist or two, right? Guests of the on-site motel have claimed to hear footsteps and knocking sounds on the boardwalk in front of the rooms. While some may just stem from other full-bellied guests retreating to their rooms after taking down the Middlegate Monster burger, could others be the riding-bootsteps of a few ghoulish Pony Express riders themselves?

No matter how you cut it, making Middlegate Station a stop is a no-brainer for the great food and conversation alone. If only it too, were 70 stories tall. Regardless, it was built specifically to host celebrities, politicians and others visiting the nearby Hoover Dam. Aside from visiting the Hotel, certain guests felt so at home that they extended their stay, like Howard Hughes, who spent several months recuperating there after crashing his plane at Lake Mead.

The vibe in this place is far from anything spooky, despite a few guests reporting the feeling of something cool touching them on the shoulder, and unexplained noises. The outskirts of this extraordinarily interesting historical area has been swallowed up by modern infrastructure, but the core of this burb is very much preserved and begs to be explored.

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Nevada entered the union inbut many of the houses and buildings in this district predate statehood. In fact, the largest collection of historic buildings in Nevada is found in this exact neighborhood, dating all the way back to Starting at the State Capitol Building or the Paul Laxalt Department of Tourism, follow a blue painted line that weaves you in and out of this amazingly preserved pocket of Nevada History. Dickerson, his wife Una and daughter June.

His daughter Jenny is said to frequent the home, appearing in the second story window for ghost hunting enthusiasts. Of all the haunted places in the state, paranormal experts tend to agree that Virginia City, as an entire city, is the most collectively haunted place in Nevada.

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The wealth from this bonanza essentially built the entire western United States, extending rail lines, and propelling westward expansion in general. This all went down during the s, booming and embodying luxury and wealth in ways many other places never did. Lots of mining accidents happened, a few super devastating fires, and a couple of good old fashioned murders went down. A prostitute named Rosie operated some business deals in the Silver Queen, and supposedly slashed her wrists in the bathtub of Room 11 sometime during the late s.

Her story remains mysterious, but Rosie is said to have never left the Silver Queen, making countless appearances in the decades following her suicide. Even though the entire hotel is carpeted, guests have often reported loud steps on a wooden floor, rattling doorknobs, the sound of voices, or even the sight of Rosie herself at the top of a long staircase where she is known to linger. The Silver Queen is such a paranormal hotspot that several reality TV ghost hunting shows and paranormal experiments have been conducted here, too.

There are quite a few legendary ghost stories in the Silver State, but Tonopah might have the most romantic version, if I do say so myself, and it all takes place in The Mizpah. The t opened in and has maintained its grandeur throughout the past several decades, with some recent help from a truly masterful era-specific renovation.

While some of the other hauntings throughout the state are definitely a bit spooky, all of the spirits present at this Nevada gem seem to be friendly and do lovely things. For instance, the Lady in Red, said to haunt the fifth floor.

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Quite the popular lady of the night, she lived on the top floor of the Mizpah and had quite the slew of customers until she was strangled to death outside her living quarters by a jealous ex-lover. BUT, the haunted room is a few doors down, in roomnearest where she was killed in the hallway. Also known to roam the property are several playful children; thrown from the roof after their father died in a mining accident, they now play tricks on the maid service and guests on the third and fourth floors. You may not realize it at first glance, but the Commercial Casino in downtown Elko is the oldest casino in Nevada.

Built inthe casino became the Commercial Casino in and is said to have some serious supernatural occurrences on the second and third floors. Lots of big performers came through these doors in years past, including Bing Crosby, who often relied on the Commercial as a local hangout. While the Commercial still operates a casino, martini bar, and barbershop on the main floor, the hotel rooms on the second and third floors are either empty or converted offices.

A whole string of spine-chilling stories have come from this portion of the famed Commercial. Harry is said to wander the second floor, searching for his lost love. Other spooky instances have been reported, including a glimpse of a shadow floating down dark hallways, or hovering in corners up near the ceiling, but the most extreme hauntings are said to take place on the third floor.

Here, visitors have reported loud arguing, gunfire, moaning, babies crying, unexplainable floating lights, violently rattling doorknobs, doors that slam shut and then open on their own accord, and even the sound of a creaking rope suspending something heavy. Office occupants have also said that they have been locked in their own offices, and doors that have been locked shut for 50 years will suddenly burst open.

Please continue to check back for updates! Located just down the street from Virginia City, an exorbitant amount of mining occurred in just about every direction of the Gold Hill Hoteldialing it in as a boisterous after-work hangout for many. Perhaps some of these miners haunt the Gold Hill Hotel, as paranormal experts say the Great Room is a popular spot for ghosts to hang out. It makes sense, as this was the original location of the bar within Anyone want to fool around at a haunted house hotel.

Aside from that, a Wild West gunslinger either committed suicide by rope or was deliberately lynched on the third floor. His ghost allegedly roams the property, along with the spirits of children heard giggling in the hallways. Best yet, the oldest part of the hotel, located just above the Great Room, is frequented by two ghosts in rooms 4 and 5. Room 5 is said to be haunted by William, and is believed to be one of the miners who perished in the Yellow Jacket Incident.

The smell of tobacco is evident in the room, and William has been known to play a practical joke on a guest or two. Room 4 is home to an entity named Rosie, a lady of the night at Gold Hill, who has been known to trick guests by misplacing personal items, turning the lights off and on, and flooding the room with a captivating rose scent.

A Depression-era works project, Hoover Dam put thousands of men back to work and is ultimately a symbol of the American Dream, but it was a deadly place to earn a paycheck. Of those deaths, the only actual fatalities recorded as a result of this project were those men who actually died on site, meaning that anyone who was involved in an accident and transported to a hospital and later died, is not included in this figure.

Also, while we all WANT to believe the local lore that mobsters were buried in this tremendously thick concrete wall, no evidence backs it.

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But, there are several s of men dressed in old-fashioned work clothes seen in restricted areas, but who disappear when approached. Visitors touring the Power Plant portion of the Dam have also reported hearing footsteps echoing in long, empty corridors. Today, this architectural masterpiece is home to the Nevada State Museumbut was originally built to be a United States Mint, due to its extremely close proximity to a whole boatload of silver mines just up the mountain.

Ina worker named Osborne Parker was accidentally crushed to death when equipment fell on him in the basement. The replicated ghost town and mine shaft portion of the museum is considered to be haunted as well, perhaps by parker or an unknown cohort on the other side. Abe Curry adored his role as superintendent of the Carson City Mint; while his ghost mostly haunts his nearby house, it has been known to roam dutifully back to work at times.

Each individual room is clown-themed with clowns on the doors and portraits of clowns hanging on interior walls. A handful of visitors have claimed to see a creepy clown ghost lingering outside their hotel room once the sun goes down, but the real fright fest around this area is the historic Tonopah Cemetery, alongside the Motel. Long before the Clown Motel came to fruition, this section of town was reserved for the local cemetery… in an unforgiving, seriously dangerous mining town, where accidents were commonplace.

Within ten years, around people were entombed into this cemetery. Questionable activity, like unexplained footsteps and voices, have been reported by guests of the Clown Motel. Then, after building this crazy-expensive home, they went on a nonstop two-year tour of Europe, purchasing extravagant furnishings like paintings, furniture, and even statues. While living here, Sandy was amused by reading fortunes and playing with crystal balls, and would even host seances at the mansion. Rich and miserable, Sandy preferred living in more modest homes, but his wife was obsessed with spending their millions.

He died at the age of 35 from silicosis, a common lung disease for miners during this time, and was buried behind the mansion. She is buried next to Sandy in the cemetery behind the mansion, along with their children. People participating in tours often claim to experience cold spots, eerie mists, unexplained voices and even apparitions.

On moonless nights, visitors have even claimed to spot glowing apparitions in the hillside graveyard. When this location of the hotel was constructed inthe entire bottom floor operated as a dance hall and grocery store, and the second floor housed doctors offices and hotel rooms.

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Room 8, 10 and 15 and even the hallway leading to the rooms are said to be haunted by a shadowy being, who slams doors and, in some cases, shakes visitors awake. This stunning abode was built inthe same year they struck silver in what would later become dubbed the Comstock Lode… just 5 years before Nevada became an actual state.

Ever heard of William Randolph Hearst, the guy behind the Hearst publishing empire and his eponymous Castle? The wealthiest guy imaginable, Mackay, lived in the home and had a safe the size of most master-bedroom closets. Their ghosts are said to haunt the lower floor just outside the safe, as is a woman dressed in Victorian clothing, who has been seen sitting in the living room. Her apparition appears on the third floor as well, and paranormal experts have chocked it up to be the former lady of the house, Mrs.

Also on the third floor, many tour participants have claimed to see figures of two little girls Mackay Mansion staff refers to as Emma and Lily.

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Even Johnny Depp, who briefly stayed at the mansion, woke to one of the girls sitting at the foot of his bed. A servant ghost has been seen pacing up and down the stairs, hurrying to finish chores, and a former Army Colonel who once lived in the house has been spotted in the kitchen. A shadow man has been seen throughout the home, which many believe to be Mackay himself.

Anyone want to fool around at a haunted house

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