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Dating isn't easy these days — it's a lot of scrolling, swiping, and game-playing. Simply meeting someone is half the battle, but afterwards you're tasked with coming up with date ideas, which makes things even harder. Sure, you could take them to a movie or a nice dinner — those will always be classics — but if you really want to impress them, you've got to think outside the box. Luckily, there are tons of creative first date ideas for people on every budget and from any city.

They're unique, unconventional, and almost guaranteed to help you learn more about your date. Places like Sur la Table offer gourmet classes and "date nights" weekly. Whether it's a themed bar, a bar that lets you create your 1st dates ideas drink, or something undercover like a speakeasy, it'll take "grabbing drinks" to a whole new level. Doing a beach clean-upworking at a soup kitchen, or helping build a house will reveal how caring the person you're dating is and it'll get your relationship started on the right foot.

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If you aren't located near any wineries, there are tons of breweries popping up all over the country. You could also head to a bar that offers flights of beers or wine. If you're an animal lover and want your partner to be one too, find the ASPCA near you or a local animal shelter and spend the day among dogs and cats. Go through the bins to find a few hidden treasures or try on the outrageous things people have given away.

Sure it can be cheesy and embarrassing, but you'll be able to tell if the person is down to get silly sometimes. Small towns and big cities alike are known to host cheesy, lantern-lit 1st dates ideas tours at night. If you're lucky, your date will jump into your arms.

Look for local readings from both famous and aspiring artists. Don't forget to snap not clap! Your favorite bar probably does a weekly or monthly trivia night, even if you don't know it. They're often on weekdays, which makes it perfect for anyone who works weekends or wants to spice up their work week. Find your closest natural wonder and get lost outside. Check out your local arts section in the paper or online to find an interactive play like Sleep No More or something at Chicago Theater Works.

It seems that trampoline parks erupted overnight, with at least one popping up in every major and probably minor city. Test out your best tricks and show your date your playful side. Spend the day looking through people's old junk and find your own treasures. Maybe you'll end up with a cute keepsake from your first date. See how well you two work together with a 1, piece jigsaw puzzle or the New York Times Sunday crossword. There's nothing like having a psychic tell you whether or not you two are right for each other on the first date. Even if you don't agree with their telling, you can bond over the experience.

Topgolf has revolutionized this athletic activity but you could even play it old school and find local ranges or cages to use. Go to Painting with a Twist or take a pottery lesson together. World globe An icon of the world globe, indicating different international options. Get the Insider App. A leading-edge research firm focused on digital transformation. Amy Daire. Take a baking or cooking classes.

Go to a specialty bar. Volunteer together. Take a brewery or winery tour. Go to an animal shelter to play with 1st dates ideas or adopt one! Go thrifting. Sing karaoke.

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Go on a goofy ghost tour. Attend a poetry or book reading. Hit up a local trivia night. Go to an arcade. Hit the slopes or take a hike. Go to an interactive play.

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Go to a trampoline park. Find a weird museum to go to. See what you can find at the flea market. Think seasonal by carving pumpkins or going to look at lights. Do an intense puzzle together. Get your palms read or see a psychic. Go to a driving range or batting cage. Find a farm and pick your own fruit. Get artsy. Go to a bowling alley. Evergreen story Valentine's Day.

1st dates ideas

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29 Awesome First Date Ideas That Don’t Involve Sitting at a Bar