A Word on Microchipping

Many people wonder if their puppy will come microchipped.  We did offer this for awhile but after seeing a couple of young pups get spooked from the procedure we stopped offering this to our customers.  At a young age you really don’t need to worry about them running off and getting away from you yet.  I do highly recommend microchipping, but I like to see it get done around 12 weeks of age when they also get their rabies vaccine.  That seems to be a better time for pups to handle being microchipped.  I also recommend registering your chip with the AKC instead of with the company your chip may be from.  They are the most affordable option with only requiring a small one-time fee for lifetime registration and services.  Any company’s chip can be registered with them.  You can find more information about registering your pups microchip at www.akc.org


Traveling Suggestions

Whether traveling by car or picking up at the airport

For the trip home you’ll want to bring a couple of hand towels, wet wipes, food/water bowl for water at stops or if you’re staying at a hotel, if you have a long drive bring some of their Life’s Abundance food as well, 200 series travel kennel/disposable paper or pads to put inside the kennel, small collar, & leash.  If your puppy is arriving by airplane they will already have a travel kennel and be on absorbent material.  You may want to bring a garbage bag and some additional bedding with in case there was an accident in the crate.  I recommend bringing this along as well for long car rides for accidents that may happen during travel.


Bernedoodles can have sensitive stomachs when traveling especially when young, so that’s why I recommend bringing a few of the above supplies along for the car ride.  Some can be droolers at this age when traveling as well.  You’ll  want to hold off on feeding them until their no longer traveling and doing well at keeping water down after you get home or to your hotel.  Wait an hour or so after you get there or get home from the airport before offering food to them.  They may or may not have any of these issues, but at least you’ll be prepared if so.  The big key is not to feed them while traveling, they will get car sick if you do.