Process for Puppy Adoption:

1. Once you've made your decision to adopt one of our beautiful puppies, please fill out the Puppy Application to let us know about the puppy's future family. Please contact us if you don't hear back within 24 hrs of submitting your app in case it wasn't submitted successfully.

2. If the puppy has a payment button, make the payment for the puppy.  If you'd like to be on our waiting list for a future puppy, please send in a $500 deposit through our "specified payment" button on our payments/contract page. You may also pay for your puppy through this button if you're local and don't need shipping charges added to your total.  Please keep in mind most times, several people are considering each puppy listed.  They can find homes very quickly! Pups aren't held without payment. If they've already been adopted, their payment button will read "sold out."

3. Send in our Sales Contract. Once the payment and contract have been received we will get to work on booking a flight for your puppy if needed.  All the flight details will be emailed to you as far as pickup day, arrival time and location. If you're local and don't need shipping, we will be in touch with you to arrange pickup locally. 

***We realize most people would prefer to pick out their puppy in person. With young puppies weak immune systems and increased risk of catching disease, we do not allow visitation of the puppies until they're 9 weeks old which is right around the time they start to go to their new homes. First picks and many times all puppies, are already spoken for by this time unless if we happen to have a couple larger litters. If you're local and placed a deposit, only unsold puppies, if any remaining, will be allowed to be seen locally to avoid unnecessary risk of disease exposure. Puppies aren't fully immunized until after 18 weeks of age with multiple series of puppy shots. We take disease prevention very seriously after seeing first hand what it can do to a kennel when not careful. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in keeping our puppies healthy!

Buffalo Ridge Bernedoodles

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